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 on: Today at 08:19:03 AM 
Started by fabricator1 - Last post by InDaShop
What Kelly said.  Open record in this engine class "F" for my style of car.  BFRMR (Blown Fuel Rear-Engine Modified Roadster) But lots of struggle licensing.  Hard to run the car between 150-175 when you enter the mile at 100, and it wants to exit at 215.  So licensing was kinda like playing lawn darts, praying you came back with a timing slip between the needed numbers, so you could go get your competition book or competition license punched to allow you to move up. 

I have some video. But anything forward facing is boring.  with no real references, everything seems so slow.  Like cadillac in the slow lane lumbering along at over 200mph. 
But this one video seems to do some justice IMO.  Its rear facing.  The truck pushed to 80mph, and then my dad said they ran 100mph in it to chase down course.  So for perspective you can see how quickly the car walks away from something doing 100mph.  The next references are the orange 1/2mile panels.  They star going by very rapidly. 

But my favorite part is when the wind noise on the back of the car goes away and all you hear is turbo whine, and then a shift from 2nd to 3rd.   


 on: Today at 08:16:09 AM 
Started by B.DRAKE - Last post by Eddyj

 on: Today at 08:07:52 AM 
Started by J.R.#12 - Last post by cohen149

 on: Today at 07:32:00 AM 
Started by fabricator1 - Last post by fabricator1
I have a 12v cummins in a square body Chevy crewcab project that I should sell also

 on: Today at 07:24:08 AM 
Started by jeeptj99 - Last post by jeeptj99
Bump, Said he was really interested in the sexual favors....

 on: Today at 07:17:28 AM 
Started by fabricator1 - Last post by mcutler
Yea,  I only want the guts,  screw the body,  lol.  Just wish it were closer.

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 on: Today at 07:11:34 AM 
Started by fabricator1 - Last post by fabricator1
There's a lot of these old trucks around right now. Problem is most of them are to rusty to drive anymore. That's why most of them have been sitting a year or two

 on: Today at 07:10:36 AM 
Started by B.DRAKE - Last post by muddinmetal
Hey, did you know those tires wont fit?

 on: Today at 07:04:51 AM 
Started by NOVI FED COUPE - Last post by NOVI FED COUPE

 on: Today at 06:50:59 AM 
Started by 417chevy - Last post by The Luke
That's what I was thinking. The money will be close to the same for building a similar jointed 3 link.

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