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Jay Luke
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  • im interested in your tires and wheels! im in lynnwood when could i come look at them?

    Thanks bela (425) 218-9928
    Sorry jay, after seeing your hi-pinion when i was home i had to go and order myself one for the front of the runner. What next? Some diamonds also....nah gotta wheel it first
    YO jay havent talked to you in a long time buddy, so what's up? you down for some wheelin soon???
    Sounds good bud. Just have her call and let me before she drops it off. I look forward to working on it. Just had an awesome weeded in Reno at the we.rock. It was off the chain fun!! Hope you are doing good up there.
    Hows next week looking at your shop? You have time to get the dodge in there and put the leveling kit on and tires? If so ill have Janice drop it off with the tires and leveling kit for ya. Let me know bud, Thanks!
    Cool, I'm glad it worked out for both of you.... I may be looking for a place to wheel and someone to wheel with this saturday, we may go to Elbe if my buddy justin wants to go, if not are any of you guys going to reiter?
    Just cause there are no pics of the 84 to I.D. me yet don't hate! There will be drastic "changes" to the 84 before I post any pics.....
    Dude I want to get some new tires for my Jeep. Do you have any suggestions about what to get? Most of my driving will be surface streets, followed by forest service roads, and some occaisional medium duty off-roading. I've had BFG All-Terrains before on my Frontier and really liked them. Would you recommend anything besides those?
    Sweet. There are a ton of good deals to be found on this site. It's really great for beginners to full on comp buggies. The site to see just a bunch of pics of me in Moab is BNSfabrication.com Check it out :)
    Sounds good! My Jeep is definitely stock...for now. I'm interested in adding a few things though: probably a 4" lift, bigger tires, lights on the front bumper, winch, maybe new air intake. It also did not have a rear seat or radio when I bought it, so I need to track those down too. What was the website you recommended so that I could see video of your crawler?
    Hey Jason! Thanks for the heads up about this site...any helpful hints or information about Jeeps that you can offer me will be much appreciated...I'm looking forward to hanging out with you again too!
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