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    dana 60

    Sent you a PM with my info, shoot me some pics, Im in Chattanooga and can head down anytime
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    dana 60

    PM sent
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    Misc. links bars hydraulic steering

    What length are the shocks? Im just down the road in Hixson
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    Sold/Expired H1’ wheels and Goodyear MTR tires

    How much for just the tires?
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    For Sale '52 Chevy truck rat rod project pile

    Need the space, dropped to $1450, holla
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    For Sale '52 Chevy truck rat rod project pile

    PMs sent, thanks fellas.
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    For Sale '52 Chevy truck rat rod project pile

    Got a baby on the way and time ran out on the parts collecting to really make a solid effort at finishing. This is a pile of parts. Great starting point for your ideas, with major components already sourced. 1952 Chevy 3800 -HAS TITLE -Frame has been shortened and stacked, back half has...
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    TC Racing Menace

    That video was the business.
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    moon buggy/single seater chassis

    Guess it depends on what the package consists of....chassis only, welded or not, tabs, links, with/without drivetrain layout, etc. Open to look at any combination of whats offered. Having said that, looking for as close to blank slate as possible
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    Text sent
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    moon buggy/single seater chassis

    Id like to find a single seat-mid/rear engine chassis. Anyone know of one sitting around gathering dust?
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    tube chassis turn key builder

    Wanting a custom buggy because you want a cheaper option :dunno:
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    2011 JKU AEV 6.4 HEMI, EVO DTD, ProRock 60/80, 40s, $72,000

    If you see the junk piles the local shops/dealers put out to the mall crawler crowd here in Chattanooga and the prices they charge, you really start to see how smoking hot this deal is. GLWS!
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    Members input on bender stand.

    Throw a 4'x4'x1/2" plate on 4 casters, stick a 3.5' post on the middle, slap the ol bendy on top of that ish, should be good to go.
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    Autozone SUCKS

    Autozone sucks. Couldn't more strongly agree.
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    What motors are you guys using for builds?

    Any luck on a 2.2L Ecotec? What about a BBC Mark IV 4-bolt block?