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    For Sale '52 Chevy truck rat rod project pile

    Got a baby on the way and time ran out on the parts collecting to really make a solid effort at finishing. This is a pile of parts. Great starting point for your ideas, with major components already sourced. 1952 Chevy 3800 -HAS TITLE -Frame has been shortened and stacked, back half has...
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    moon buggy/single seater chassis

    Id like to find a single seat-mid/rear engine chassis. Anyone know of one sitting around gathering dust?
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    Bad seller, info request - Brandon Damotta

    Got another case of a shitty seller screwing someone, reposting from a NC4x4 member:
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    Garage wiring help

    Needing to run a 220V, 50a (NEMA 6-50) outlet in the garage. Location of outlet is to be 100-125' from panel, which will support the addition. What size wire do I need? Does wire need to be run in conduit? Additionally, if i were to desire having matching locations on either side of the...
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    Sold/Expired Anvil

    I need an anvil for the workshop. I don't want a collectors piece (or price) It will be put to use and does not need to be pretty. Will of course arrange pick up. Thanks! Taylor 336-880-8080
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    Sold/Expired D70-HD, full width

    Cleaned and stripped D70-HD 3.5" tubes, straight all the way to the hub flange, does not taper 65" WMS 4.10/4.11 gearing, 1-piece carrier Stripped of spring perches, drums, smoothed, ready to build. $250 Located in Chattanooga, will deliver within 70 miles, further at govt mileage rate...
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    Sold/Expired For trade: SIG 1911 TacOps for welding gear

    Figured I see what was out there.... I've got an almost brand new SIG 1911 TacOps (.45) with about 60 rounds through it. See mfg specs here: I need new tools. Looking for a MIG machine, ideally 220v size machine, preferably...
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    Sold/Expired Eaton HO72 axle OMG!

    Basically the coolest axle ever. For sale! Axle is full-width. I think I remember the WMS measurement being 62.5"....or close. Will confirm later tonight. Axle has greater strength rating than 14b. Basically the best axle ever. This axle has dad-strength. Axle has 4.10 gearing. Drums have...
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    Sold/Expired Apple TV - in time for Christmas!

    3rd Gen Apple Tv Cables, remote, etc included. No box (i dont think i have it, but will check) Used for about 2 hours. $55, shipped. Located in Chattanooga
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    Sold/Expired sold

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    15,000' of DOM tubing

    *Not a classified ad, trying to connect folks* I've got a customer that is looking to move excess inventory: 15,000' 1.5" OD 0.109" wall DOM tubing Anybody know of someone that might be interested?
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    BBC build suggestions please

    Rebuilding a BBC for my wife's Sunday driver. I have torn down and reassembled a few small blocks, but this is my first full "build". My goal is to build something that is mostly driven around town, but would once or twice a year see a 12-hr round-trip road trip. And to sound like a big 'ol...
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    Some cool news for Chattanooga area folks Looks like we're getting a LKQ Pick-a-part. After (trying) to deal with the shit-for-brains at most of the local auto yards, this is great news.
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    Sold/Expired 14bolt spider gears

    Whatcha got? Thanks, Taylor
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    SuperTrucker wheel/disc clearance

    What I'm working with: Bart SuperTrucker wheels -15" -3.5" backspacing Eaton H072 axle -8lug I need to do a disc swap on this axle. What caliper/disc options do I have that will allow the above listed 15" wheel to fit. Preferably without significant grinding. I have read some reports that...
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    Sold/Expired SOLD

    SOLD Chevy Dana 60 front axle for badasses. Kingpin, full-width. Like a boss. Clean of all mounts, brackets, etc. Has been dissasembled, cleaned, prepped. Tubes are shiny like a mirror, better for seeing your own gorgeous face in while you're burning your new tabs and truss on to it...
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    buying antique vehicle, title/registration help?

    Got a seller that is being a real piece of work, need some help figuring out if I should walk away. Here's the situation: Georgia resident selling Georgia truck. VIN is intact. Seller does not have title or registration. Story is that truck was his fathers from 35+ years ago. Father died...
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    Sold/Expired sold

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    Sold/Expired 2002 Ford Explorer XLT 4x4

    SOLD :spin: loller.gif flashemifyougotem thumb.gif laughing1 :JRich: drool :eat: :eek: :drinkers: :flipoff1: >:D :smoke: :P ::) :Joc: ??? 8) :o :stir: :(
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    Sold/Expired 14-bolt SF axle