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  1. j-mox

    Bucket list ORV parks

    Black Bear Pass
  2. j-mox

    For Sale Jimmy's 4x4 Podium Buggy for sale on ebay. Great deal for a like new car!

    Shows it went to $49,100 but reserve was not met
  3. j-mox

    YouTube of the day

    Local school superintendent likes to spice up the snow day announcements. This was the one to call it off today
  4. j-mox

    Random Thoughts. Ready? Send it!

    Boy it didn’t take long for the ads to start popping up all over the site
  5. j-mox

    Hardline Crawlers

    Several of the original “main” members of the site have not logged in for a year or more. If they have no interest in the site then I’m sure they could care less in what happens to it. Sad for the ones who still enjoy it and would like to see it continue. The harder it gets for posting the more...
  6. j-mox

    Moab recommendations

    Everyone also says to take a day to go to Arches Park. I have been twice to Moab and never gone to it. Headed there next year and plan to take a day and see what it is all about. I stayed at The Rustic Inn in town. During EJS the prices are high but it is fairly reasonable other times during the...
  7. j-mox

    Why are all truck drivers big pieces of shit?

    BJ McKay :dblthumb:
  8. j-mox

    Why are all truck drivers big pieces of shit?

    What is the “Bounce” miles? Empty? I see more empty TMC trucks than loaded. Seems they run that way more than most companies
  9. j-mox

    New Stickies from Interco

    Wow that’s deep!! I never understood on the 54” Bogger why the tread depth was so shallow in relation to the tire size. Really looked out of proportion. This one looks like it is gonna be mean!
  10. j-mox

    Is it worth it , or are forums a dying media ?

    I would love to see the forum stick around. It’s one of the few websites I go to everyday, and multiple times to see new posts. I don’t have FB and never will so this is one of the few places to find info and interact with like minded people. I’m not hardcore like most on here but still enjoy...
  11. j-mox

    Electric weedwackers

    I have that one too. Used weedeater once and it was terrible but actually love the blower. We bought it for the camper due to size but I find myself using it at home to do a quick blowdown of driveway. It does not last long for sure, but it takes up little space in camper. And I second the...
  12. j-mox

    Finishing up a Rig

    Too many people on here have seen your posts to take you too serious! I’m a clean and sleek vehicle person myself. I’ve always taken stickers off vehicles even factory ones. I waited too long on my Jeep to pull a couple of factory stickers off and I’m afraid at this point its too late and you...
  13. j-mox

    Why is tapatalk saying "hacking attempt" when I try to post for sale ad?

    Re: Re: Why is tapatalk saying "hacking attempt" when I try to post for sale ad? It’s more than just Tapatalk. I have been getting the “Not Secure” warning for awhile now too. And have not been able to post pictures where I never had trouble in the past
  14. j-mox

    Mall Crawler Tech

    Love me some LJ’s too! If there was one thing I would change about my Jeep is I would have waited till 2005 and got a LJ. They are the the Scrambler of future Jeeps due to the low production numbers and will be worth quite a bit of money down the road.
  15. j-mox

    Question on tires

    The set I had bought was KM2’s at the time I had heard there was a difference. It wasn’t that I have been unhappy with them but it has made me wonder if there was a difference would it have been noticeable or not (mileage, traction, cut resistance) to justify going to an independent dealer this...
  16. j-mox

    Question on tires

    Looking at the BFG KM3’s. I found a good deal on ebay for the set I really want which is the KM2’s but with them being discontinued if I damaged a tire it would be hard to replace down the road. Plus Sam’s has a no questions asked road hazard warranty.
  17. j-mox

    Question on tires

    Looking at getting a new set of tires for my Jeep. Last set I bought was from Sam’s Club and have been fine but at the time it was mentioned that “club” tires were made from different compounds than those sold through most other tire outlets. I know at my own job that we make basically the same...
  18. j-mox


    Re: * HARDLINE CRAWLERS TEES & HOODIES Update INFO * Ordered my wife hers. Thanks again!!
  19. j-mox

    Dale YEAH!!!!

    I was there for that too. Almost everyone had left Showtime Hill and my son and I were hanging around it. He pulled up to it and set there for a minute, just looking, then it was balls to wall!! I think he tried it a couple times then if I remember right in Dale fashion he rolled it down the...
  20. j-mox


    Re: * HARDLINE CRAWLERS TEES & HOODIES Update INFO * I would be in for a medium grey t-shirt then when all orders are filled please. Once again thanks for doing this for all of us :dblthumb: