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  1. xjcrawler

    Trailready Dealers? Need A Rock Ring

    Damaged a rock ring on a rental this weekend, any dealers here??
  2. xjcrawler

    Annual Hawk Pride Offroad Ride February 20-24

    Been an annual ride since John G started the first one in 2015. No extra pricing and no bullshit!!! Just good old school trail riding!!!!!
  3. xjcrawler

    Dixie Run To Windrock For 2020?? TonyB Approved??

    AOP doesn't need anymore bathrooms or what?
  4. xjcrawler

    Hawk Pride Ride February 23-25

    Who is up to doing a ride on that weekend? We did one 2 years back and it was a decent turnout.
  5. xjcrawler

    Sold/Expired 2007 Hooper 26' Gooseneck ***SOLD***

    Perfect for two rigs, tires are just truck takeoff, 7k axles. Located in Flowery Branch Ga 30542 Call or text 678-234-9701 3950.00 OBO
  6. xjcrawler

    Ian from Xtreme Retired??

    What the hell? The only good 4x4 show on tv!!! Anyone know anything else on this?
  7. xjcrawler

    Sold/Expired 39" Krawler Red Labels

    Posting these for a friend who is not on here, 1500.00. He said they have 4 or 5 events on them. Please contact him for further info, 706-897-5671 Blairsville Georgia is his location.
  8. xjcrawler

    West Ga Mud Park or Ga Mud Bog?

    I see they are having one at Ga Mud Bog in Dallas on January 1st and one at West Ga Mud Park on January 2nd, which is the better one to spend time at?
  9. xjcrawler

    Sold/Expired Wanted : Detroit Locker for a Rear Dana 60

    Looking for a Detroit 35 spline 4:56 and up gears. Will need it shipped to 30542
  10. xjcrawler

    Petition to remove carving from Stone Mtn.....

  11. xjcrawler

    Sold/Expired 39" Krawlers 1850.00 OBO

    2 rides on them, one has been vulcanized. 1850.00 OBO located in Ga 30542
  12. xjcrawler

    39-42 Inch DOT Tire choices

    Looking for thoughts on tires to replace my ICraps, these will be for this rig.... http://www.hardlinecrawlers.com/forums/index.php?topic=27648.0. I do drive it on the road to work and the grocery store but also wheel it when I get a kitchen pass. Tire choices that will be put on it will be...
  13. xjcrawler

    Alaska Off-road Warriors

    http://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/2014/10/29/new-series-alaska-off-road-warriors-to-premiere-sunday-november-30-on-history/320885/ Wonder if it will be any good or just another fake drama show???
  14. xjcrawler

    Badass Model A

    Really cool for its time..... http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ford-Model-A-Coupe-Roadster-Phaeton-1928-1929-1931-1932-1934-1930-Model-A-Ford-Cabriolet-Rural-Mail-/121350255192?forcerrptr=true&hash=item1c4109f258&item=121350255192&pt=US_Cars_Trucks
  15. xjcrawler

    Sold/Expired 2001 VW Jetta

    s1093.photobucket.com/user/xjcrawler4x4/media/Parts%20forsale/72AABB9C-13B9-4479-9E23-88E021AD3E8F_zpsr9sqioy8.jpg.html][/URL 4cyl/turbo gas engine, 5 speed, 114,xxx miles, new tires, cloth interior, 3500.00. Located in Flowery Branch ga, 30542 More pics...
  16. xjcrawler

    New Honda Pricing???

    Has anybody here recently bought a new Honda? Helping my mom with buying a new Honda and I hate to deal with salesmen, so trying to find out what kind of markup Hondas have.
  17. xjcrawler

    Chicken Memorial???

    Some people are just seriously wacked in the head......... https://www.accessnorthgeorgia.com/detail.php?n=270823
  18. xjcrawler

    Best brand Mattresses?

    In need of a new mattress, thought I'd ck here for any recommendations on brands. Is it best to get ones that you can flip over? Sleep number bed would be nice but that shit be too high.
  19. xjcrawler

    Titty Baby

    Started this build in 2010 with a spare TJ frame and Dana 60 axles with plans to swap body and drivetrain over from my TJ I traded doing paint labor with a shop owner in Gainesville for some shop space and him setting up the rear suspension, and shock mounts Then with help from a few...
  20. xjcrawler

    Fox Sports1? No Speed?

    WTF?? Where are we going to see shows like Ultimate Adventure, Lucas on The Edge, Gearz, Barrett Jackson :dunno: