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    Torq 14 bolt rear axle questions

    A friend has one and talked with them recently within the last month or so. He said they are still wide open producing parts. Id be leary of it though and would be trying to get rid of it in exchange for standard 10" stuff if it was mine.
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    For Sale WOD revolution with all the goodies.

    Only thing that buggy needs is a driver :****:
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    Southeast Triple Threat

    Windrock Buggy Riders (me :woot:) is hosting the first Southeast Triple Threat event August 17,18,19,20. Here's your invite. Aop Thursday, travel to windrock gap campground Thursday night, Atomic ridge and rattle rock Friday, travel to Harlan putney side Friday night, Harlan Saturday. Saturday...
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    Mayham fall bash . Viola tn. Cancel. Land leased to hunters

    Probably in for that saturday if I can join the rest of you decent folk
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    Looking to go to moab and more

    Watch your fingers at moon rocks.
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    Help find a N11 spindle nut socket for a 40 spline spindle

    Branik has them in stock. Just bought one
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    05+ superduty disc brakes

    Bumping this... anybody made some redneck **** work yet without a kit or factory stuff?
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    I am moving to Tennessee

    Easy to do when you cant make it farther than t15 on one tank...
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    I am moving to Tennessee

    Not my fault youre on propane and have 83.491 horsepower :ROFLMAO:
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    I am moving to Tennessee

    Im in Lenoir City. The Lenoir City, Friendsville, Maryville area is nice but growing fast. Close to Knoxville if anything major is needed. 1 hour to Windrock and all of the state property (literally the wheeling mecca of the southeast), 2 hours to aop, 2.5 hours to harlan, chocco was 3.5 I...
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    24 hours of windrock May 19-20 2023

    For those interested… We started Friday at noon. First stop was the impossible t15 where Tom flipped at the top . After getting him situated, we headed to rattle rock. 8 of us on rattle rock took a little while but we got through without any major issues. Logan took out a brake line and we...
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    24 hours of windrock May 19-20 2023

    You never complained before flashemifyougotem
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    Is anyone actually riding?

    Windrock is superior.
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    Is anyone actually riding?

    Few pics from the No Bullshit Ride hosted by Windrock Buggy Riders the other weekend.
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