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    85 superbobbed 4Runner (4sale)

    I Built this several years ago and have only had it out on 2 trail rides. It hasn't been out of my building in over a year and half so I'm putting it up for sale or trade. There is a build thread on here titled "supperbobbed 4Runner(aka burning Benjamin's)" or something to that nature. I feel...
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    Sold/Expired 88 Toyota 4Runner

    A friend of mine ask me to post this truck up for him. It is a 88 model 4 runner that has had a sas done on it with a 85 toyota front straight axle. It has dual t-cases with a twin stick shifter. W56 manual transmission,geared 529 with high pinion third locked with a Detroit up front and...
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    85 superbobbed 4runner(aka BURNING BENJAMINS)

    So after having a couple of leaf sprung 4 runners I deciced to try my hand at a linked one. The two I had prior were really to straight to wheel but I did anyway thinking I could just be careful and all would be fine as far as the body goes. As anyone knows who wheels in the southeast over mud...
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    Sold/Expired Dana 60 locker

    I'm in the market for a Detroit or Yukon mechanical locker. It is a Dana 60 cucv front so I understand I need 35 spline 456 and up locker. Was gonna order a new one today but decided I would put out a feeler And wait till Monday to see if anyone had a good used one for sale first! Call or text...
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    Sold/Expired Toyota parts/22re,transmission,axles,fuel cell,etc.

    Call,text or pm me if your interested! Chris,931-273-3202 I'm in Hillsboro Tn 4- 85 model brake boosters and master cylinders. Should work on all but not sure. $25 a piece 1-r150 transmission and t-case. 3.0 v6 version $250 1- chain driven t-case from a r150 3.4v6...
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    Sold/Expired American racing steel wheels

    I have 5 American racing wheels that are used and in good shape! They have been on a daily driver so they have no rock rash. Lug pattern is 6 on 5.5 and the wheels are 15"x8" with 3 3/4" back spacing. Have 2 center caps to go with them.Asking $250obo ,located in Hillsboro tn. Call or text Chris...
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    Sold/Expired 85 toyota 4-runner (pix heavy) NO LONGER FOR SALE

    This is a very straight(body) 85 toyota 4-runner. It has an all pro suspension lift and a 3" body lift. The rear axle is the wider ifs rear and the front is the factory 85 toy axle with 1.5" spacers. Both are geared 529 with open diffs.The steering is still the factory push pull type. This truck...