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  1. Blackbeard


    I edited the second post to yours. Thanks for helping with that.
  2. Blackbeard


    Good luck with the sale, merged the two threads...but I'll be honest, I can't read most of your post, as you got stuck with the caps lock on.
  3. Blackbeard

    Hello from Pahrump NV

    Man this looks like a lot of fun, and frustration.
  4. Blackbeard

    Hello from Pahrump NV

    We aren't picky. Any projects lately?
  5. Blackbeard

    Hello from SW indiana

    Welcome Austin! Glad you found us! Good looking ride you have.
  6. Blackbeard

    Hello from Pahrump NV

    Welcome to the forum!
  7. Blackbeard

    Random Thoughts

    I need to find my 22 ammo back from 2012. If you were closer you could have some.
  8. Blackbeard


    Glad you joined us! Looking forward to seeing you around the forum.
  9. Blackbeard

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    It was 34 yesterday when I walked outside...yikes can’t stand it.
  10. Blackbeard

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Hello to all! There's no doubt that we all hope that we leave the dumpster fire of a year known as 2020 in the dust soon enough. Until then, it is my wish that you and yours have a wonderful holiday - stay safe and please remember to be kind. With all that said, Merry Christmas, and Happy New...
  11. Blackbeard

    AOP Toy Run - 12/12/2020

    Great cause, and if you get a chance to contribute, please do. Thanks for leading this @jeeptj99 !
  12. Blackbeard

    New cruiserhead from NC

    Always cool to see another guy from NC on the site! Welcome to da club!
  13. Blackbeard

    New from NC

    Very nice! I’m closer to Raleigh at the moment due to the pandemic, but usually spent a good time closer to Wilmington. Always nice to meet more local folks!
  14. Blackbeard

    New from NC

    Welcome, I agree great looking jk. what part of NC?
  15. Blackbeard

    Random Thoughts

    Who is a Democrat? Posting pictures of racist works or trying to get around a filter, is not acceptable and goes against the rules.
  16. Blackbeard

    Random Thoughts

    or what?
  17. Blackbeard

    Random Thoughts

    I'm working on a way for those that don't want the filter on, can switch it off. However, Racism will not be tolerated. This is everyone's warning on the subject.
  18. Blackbeard

    Order your Hardline Crawlers shirt today!

    https://www.customink.com/g/ypj0-00cc-a9sd If you'd like to order you have until December 10th to get in on the first order. We have multiple colors, long sleeve, hoodie, and women's available. Youth sizes, and up to 3XL are available. Tall sizes are available in a 50/50 Jerzee shirt. Most...
  19. Blackbeard

    ATTENTION VENDORS! We want to help!

    To all vendors, we want to help you stay connected to your customers, and ultimately drive sales to you. If you are going to run any specials, or exclusive deals for HC members let me know in advance, so we can get you featured in our newsletter, and displayed around the site. We will continue...
  20. Blackbeard

    Let's see your tow rig!!!

    That's a good looking tow rig.

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