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  1. muddinmetal

    Diff covers Solid and Motobilt

    Price on the 60 shipped to 35976 please
  2. muddinmetal

    Diff covers Solid and Motobilt

    I want the 60 cover. Will you ship or do you ever come to north Alabama?
  3. muddinmetal

    Custom PRP seat garbage

    I am 43 inches from seat to the top of my head. I need at least 40 inches of back and headrest to be useful. I feel y'alls pain. I am one bad rollover away from a broken neck....
  4. muddinmetal

    For Sale Coleworx/Bluetorch Evil Bastard 4 seat buggy

    I have always loved this rig!
  5. muddinmetal

    TDI Golf

    It was a joke. VW got busted for have "illegal emissions" on their TDIs. Apparently they make more smog than peterbilt lol My buddy had an older Jetta that got 60 mpg pretty regularly on the interstate if he didn't push it too much
  6. muddinmetal

    Kid crawler

    Anything over SKINNY 32s is a hard fit on a kick/tracker with fenders and sheetmetal. It takes 4 inches and slight trimming just to clear those. Extending the wb and building bumpers helps alot with fitment over stock though
  7. muddinmetal

    Baby mudders

    Watch the Interco blem page often. You can get some good deals on little tater diggers there
  8. muddinmetal

    Random Thoughts

    Except they limit you to one box...
  9. muddinmetal

    Front diff from tracker

    There are 3 or 4 different ratios you could end up with and I think all of the 3rds are aluminum. The grand vitara or XL7 is steel I think. I can't remember all the differences at the moment. May as well find a pair of the factory 5.12s while you're at it?
  10. muddinmetal

    Im looking for this rig

    Well, did you find it this time? Are you going to be able to buy it back?
  11. muddinmetal

    Im looking for this rig

    He did have it for a while
  12. muddinmetal

    For Sale 2020 CSC FAB BUGGY

    The case may have busted because of the way it was mounted, chassis flex, or may other possible builder related issues?
  13. muddinmetal

    For Sale Grand wagoneer

    Wish I had money
  14. muddinmetal

    42x14R17 Irok Stickies

    I'll text you tomorrow, but any interest in trading for 39 reds? One is 99%, 2 are 95%, and one is 45 %
  15. muddinmetal

    Random Thoughts

    You think we should let the flag on too? What about fag? Hell, being called a Mother "Lover" offends me... do you avoid saying that word as hard as you do the N word? If you don't that is insensitive and racist in it's self.
  16. muddinmetal

    Random Thoughts

    John G only censored the N word over the Ferguson Missouri situation. Traffic shot up and he didn't want google to pick up on it
  17. muddinmetal

    Random Thoughts

    Or that would show that you yourself are racist. Also, passive aggressive is not a good look. I think we all know who you voted for... if you weren't too lazy to vote that is
  18. muddinmetal

    Random Thoughts

    I better not see anybody talking about : old white guys, crackers, Karens, or honkies then
  19. muddinmetal

    Random Thoughts

    I am tired of all the queers openly queering up commercials. The **** is disgusting and if they think they are going to condition the young minds in my home to believe that that abomination is ok, they are bad wrong

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