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  1. xjmarc

    Chevy motor question

    So we have some vans at work that we're getting rid of and one is an 07 2500 express with a 6L. My question is would this be worth swapping into my heep? I know jack about LS motors or whatever the truck/van versions are called. I haven't messed with small blocks since I had tree fiddys in my...
  2. xjmarc

    Rare Jeep Parts

    Had a family member call me asking about parts for a 59 FC150, they all know I'm a bit "touched" in the head and like jeeps. I've never seen an FC in person and am clueless. Anyone on here have any leads?
  3. xjmarc

    Beadlock recommendations

    Looking for recommendations for weld ons for a 17" wheel. While I'd love aluminum I'm poor and get to weld up some on wheels I already have. Been looking at TMI and they seem pretty cheap, 75 bucks shipping will hurt a little but they're heavy. So who's running what?
  4. xjmarc

    Super Duty Knuckles

    What is the difference in the 04 and 05 knuckles? I'm seeing tons of weld on steering kits for 05+ but mines an 04.
  5. xjmarc

    Sold/Expired 38 TSLs and Beadlocks SOLD

    I have 4 38x12.50x15 TSL bias on 32 bolt beadlocks, 2 Eatons and 2 DIYs both 15x8 with 4" of backspacing and 8x6.5. Tires have plenty of rock rash as they have been well used but have lots of tread left. Little bit of checking but hold air, 2 leak down over a few weeks but I'm pretty sure they...
  6. xjmarc

    Dana 300

    Buddy of mine has this and changed plans. Stock gears as far as we know and twin sticked. Its located in Cleveland Tn. 300 obo.
  7. xjmarc


    Maybe I'm just dumb, quite likely, but I can't find my messages on here. Anyone know where they are?
  8. xjmarc

    Tapatalk Issues

    Anyone else getting an error trying to log in, never used to have to log in. Says Received from client compressed HTTP request and cannot decompress. I have pictures I'd like to post but can't because it won't let me do it with my laptop or from the website.
  9. xjmarc

    Toyota power steering question

    I have a buddy that has asked for my help with his steering. He has an 82-83ish maybe 84 I don't remember Yota which had manual steering and he's got a pump and box from an 87 he's wanting to use with crossover/hydro assist. He's saying he'll have to drill the frame for the new box and my...
  10. xjmarc

    D60 front prices

    Can someone explain to me why the older balljoint ford D60s are still bringing well over a grand for a builder axle but a complete SD is 3-600 bucks. The 05+ even have 35 spline inner and outers and are still half the price. I really don't want to run the metric pattern but it's going to be...
  11. xjmarc

    Orbital Help

    I know very little about orbitals but found a deal on this one but the numbers mean jack to me. How would this work with a full width axle?
  12. xjmarc

    Old Hardline sayings

    When I joined there were things you saw in almost every post. The term bible was one, when someone agreed or knew it to be true. There was also somebody that ended almost every post with "middle fangers". Don't see it as much now. So who else remembers these kinds of things. And yes it's a...
  13. xjmarc

    Sold/Expired D60 rear disc brackets

    Anyone have any D60 rear disc brackets before I order new ones? It's out of a 79 Ford. Interested in the other parts needed for the swap as well.
  14. xjmarc


    So what's the word on these. I know a couple of people running them but have only had them a short time. I'm looking at replacing my TSLs and can get a decent deal on these in a 40 and I can still run my 15" wheels.
  15. xjmarc

    Sold/Expired Dana 60 REAR shafts

    Looking for some D60 rear FF shafts for ford rear. 30 spline. I'm pulling it apart in a few days so I can get exact lengths. Just looking for some trail spares. Thanks and closer to Chattanooga TN the better. Finally got a chance to measure and they are both 34.5" from inside of the flange...
  16. xjmarc

    Painting Tube

    What should I clean my tube with before I rattle can it? I cleaned it with brake cleaner before I bent it but wasn't sure if I needed to do any kind of prep before I throw on a coat or 6 of paint. Thanks
  17. xjmarc

    Affordable Benders

    Anybody have any experience with these? Found a decent deal on one just haven't used one like it.
  18. xjmarc

    Pitman arm help

    Let me start by stating what I have. XJ with a full width D44. I'm currently running a zj pitman arm which is what most companies sell as a drop pitman arm for XJs. The problem is with the extra width I have lost some turning radius. At full lock I've got 1/2" between the stops and knuckles...
  19. xjmarc

    Autozone SUCKS

    So I spend around $250 including a tool rental and used a gift card I got as a gift for part of it. Take the tool back and policy says since I used a gift card for part of it they have to put the amount I used on another one. So I decide I'll get a spare set of locking hubs but notice they show...
  20. xjmarc

    Wheel spacers

    Does anyone know where I can get 8x6.5 wheel spacers with 1/2" lugs? All I can find are 9/16". Looking for 1.5" if it matters. Thanks

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