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  1. j-mox

    Question on tires

    Looking at getting a new set of tires for my Jeep. Last set I bought was from Sam’s Club and have been fine but at the time it was mentioned that “club” tires were made from different compounds than those sold through most other tire outlets. I know at my own job that we make basically the same...
  2. j-mox


    I want to remove all my photos from this piece of **** website but 1- Don’t know how to remove them to save 2- Can’t get past the Amazon ad right after signing in to my account. All I want is my pictures and never look back at that train wreck website. :flipgotcha: :flipgotcha: :flipgotcha...
  3. j-mox

    Kenny Reese blowout sale

  4. j-mox

    Foam Cannons. Worth it?

    Been thinking about buying one but wondering if they are worth the money or how well they clean. If so is there a recommended brand? Looking at one from company called Chemical Guys right now.
  5. j-mox

    Abandoned, neglected, rotting away

    Been thinking about starting this for awhile and see if it will take off. I always see cool old vehicles sitting in fields and yards just falling apart. I know there are plenty out there and wondered if others had the same interest. Post up what you find. Hopefully some will get a second chance...
  6. j-mox

    Sold/Expired Alloy USA axle tube seals

    Got a set of brand new in box axle seals for a Dana 30 with 27 spline shafts. Description says it will work on Dana 44 shafts also but it's up to you to verify that. They were bought to put in D30. $50 shipped Call or text 573-three-one-eight-5801. Text is best for me due to working in loud...
  7. j-mox

    Sold/Expired Dynatrac Dana 44 diff cover

    Got a brand new in box diff cover for a Dana 44. Only removed to take pictures. $125 shipped Call or text 573-three-one-eight-5801. Text is preferred due to I work in loud environment. Located in Southeast Missouri
  8. j-mox

    Say goodbye to the General Lee

    https://www.yahoo.com/autos/general-lee-from-dukes-of-hazzard-losing-its-122294326432.html What is this country coming to? We bow down to everybody now to be politically correct. Maybe I'm offended about the rainbow being used to represent gays. Can we raise a stink about it and maybe make...
  9. j-mox

    Sold/Expired Dynatrac Dana 44 Cover

    Brand new in box never used. Only removed to take picture. New based off of Quadratec catalog these are $170. Selling for $125 shipped. Reply here or text to Five 7 Three 318 Five 801
  10. j-mox

    Atlas Transfer Case

    Got a couple of questions on the Atlas cases. Buddy of mine at work has a case for sale and I shot him a price of $1000 for it and he perked up because it's "Starting to gather dust". Here is the problem though, it's only a 2.0-1 case. It also fits Dodge and Jeep automatic transmissions which...
  11. j-mox

    Sold/Expired TJ Dana 44 Rear Axle

    Putting out a feeler for a TJ 44 rear with 3.73 gears. Prefer something no farther south than maybe Huntsville, unless it's towards the west. Trying to stay within 5 or 6 hour drive from home. Thanks

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