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  1. TBItoy

    Hale Mtn - SEER Nightmare on Hale Mtn Extreme Enduro

    I casually follow hard/extreme enduro dirt bike racing, pretty neat to see the sport growing in the US (big in europe for a long time). I reckon for years, the Tennessee Knockout in Sequatchie was considered the only "real" hard enduro in the US :dunno: Now there is King of the Motos, and a few...
  2. TBItoy

    Jeep JK transfer case NP/MP241

    So the standard (non-Rubicon) JK 241 transfer cases are cheap and readily available, fixed yokes, 32 spline outputs. Is the input interchangeable with a 27 spline or 32 spline GM NP241/243/246? I know "back in the day" 231C/J/D NP241C/D mix and match building was pretty common and there is...
  3. TBItoy

    Stony Lonesome

    Question for all the people that have been there, As a public state/county operated OHV park, how does it compare to private parks? virtually the same? or are there significant differences that make it better/worse? Also, do they/have they let real rock crawling trails be developed? and stay...
  4. TBItoy

    High angle/deep yoke 1310 tcase yokes

    These were in a box of stuff my boss gave me. Look new never installed. 26 spline? For a Dana 20/300 or whatever else. His rig had a Dana 20 in it at one time so I assume that is what they are for. $50 shipped
  5. TBItoy

    Why do you stick with this hobby?

    I know we’ve had discussions about how we got started, and how rigs have evolved, but what keeps you coming back? Even in the off-road spectrum, why trucks/Jeeps/buggies vs SXS or ATVs or Dirt Bikes? Seems like most other stuff is easier to haul, easier to own, etc. I like building and...
  6. TBItoy

    99 Cherokee mild built/DD

    150k 4.0 auto HP30 front w/ drop in locker DOM steering w/ heims 8.25 open New brakes 33 pro comp mt Fender flares DIY plate bumpers front and rear XRC8 winch Grimsley TN $5000 Call/text Gabe 9312397903 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. TBItoy

    Sold/Expired 99 Tacoma “part out”

    Drivetrain is all spoken for 3/28 About the only parts left for sale are what’s left of the body (which I doubt anyone would want) and the trans/tcase. Driver door is pretty clean. Pass door has a small dent. Back of the bed has some bondo. Overall poor condition. It was/is a 3rz...
  8. TBItoy

    Sold/Expired GM AAM 11.5 Dually Rear

    Dad is wanting to convert one of his 3/4t, looking for a dually rear end. maybe a set of the front wheel spacers too.
  9. TBItoy

    Sold/Expired 80 Below Sporting Oil

    https://80belowoil.com/home/ 80° Below® Lubricants are the latest phenomenon on the market boasting full temperature operating ranges from -90°F to 465°F. Expertly formulated lubricant with 100% select synthetic fluids, it has sufficient body to still penetrate and lubricate in ALL...
  10. TBItoy

    Sold/Expired LAND - 53 acres Alpine/Allred TN

    Good hunting property, bordered by huge tracts of land and the 1700 acre Alpine Wildlife Management Area. Requires approx. 3.5 miles of light 4wheeling/trail riding to access Deed was written in ~1930? and says "thereabouts 45 acres", GIS data says 53.5 acres $60,000
  11. TBItoy

    Sold/Expired 2.5” wide add a leafs (GM 2500hd)

    Tuff country add a leaf pair Made in USA! Got em for a 07 2500hd, never used them. They should work with any 2.5” wide leaf springs though. $50 Cookeville TN Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. TBItoy

    Sold/Expired Sold

    1480 joint stock shaft assemblies $100 for both sides Cookeville TN Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. TBItoy

    Sold/Expired Disc brake kit, 3/4t GM calipers

    Raybestos calipers, pads, hoses, speedway weld on caliper brackets, manual proportioning valve All new in box. All you’ll need is add rotors of your choice $125 Cookeville TN Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. TBItoy

    Mahindra ROXOR

    Anyone interested in a made-in-Detroit, Indian CJ7/DJ thing? http://roxoroffroad.com/?_wcsid=5C1E7C75E178DA518A922AFC36FEE2F9E69A19A684D3373C https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBI_g4uC1WE
  15. TBItoy

    Sold/Expired (4) 33 x 9.5 SXII on 17" 5x4.5

    Yep, I snatched these up from yankster a couple weeks ago. Since I'm gonna have to buy wheels to run them, and I don't "really" need them right now I thought I'd throw em back out there and see if any of the Jeep people might want them. We bolted them onto a co-workers bone stock ZJ and they...
  16. TBItoy

    Sold/Expired 98 Lexus LS400 cheap car/1UZFE donor

    $1500 / Make An Offer! Little fixing and it would be a good car, or a nice VVTI 1UZFE donor Cookeville TN 731 694 5936 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. TBItoy

    Sold/Expired 1998 Olds Eighty Eight (cheap car/good 3.8 Series II donor) $400

    Old beater car, hit a deer a while ago. Runs good/shifts out fine. a brake line rusted out so they quit driving it. Could be an easy fix if someone needs a cheap car. Needs a battery. Looks like a heater line started leaking too. Interior is rough rough, but all the electrics seem to work...
  18. TBItoy

    GMP Labor Day weekend pics

    Went down to GMP on Saturday and rode around with billstoy for the afternoon. It was nasty wet and rainy at first, but ended up really nice later on. I walked and snapped a few pics. 43 stickies made me a believer that wet weather crawling is actually possible! Mike in the flea was making...
  19. TBItoy

    Sold/Expired 2000 Sea Ray 180

    3.0 Merc, new in 2007 Recently bought this from a friend, he bought it in 07 with a bad motor and put a new one in. Boat sat in the water in a houseboat slip every summer since 07, they used it to run back and forth to their houseboat. So it's got a water line and the interior is sun faded...
  20. TBItoy

    Sold/Expired 97 4Runner lifted/locked/33s

    1997 4runner Limited, 175k, 3.4, auto, E-locker rear, Grey wire mod on the locker. Old Man Emu 891 coils in the rear and bilstein 5100s all around. 295/70/17 nitto trail grappler m/t on 17x9 3.5 bs black steel wheels. Big Tundra brakes up front, new drums in rear. Looks rough, but runs...

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