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  1. jeeptj99

    Found buggy insurance

    I found a place to write insurance on buggies. My mom works for an insurance company and she can quote them. There are some requirements. 6,000 cc or 500 hp or less No NOS or super charged 3 years no moving violations Under $60,000 4 pictures (1 of each side) Recent bill of sale (within a...
  2. jeeptj99

    switch panel w/ fuses

    Is anyone besides 12 volt guy building these? I want to build a dash for the buggy this winter and redo some of the wiring. Or who makes a good enclosed fuse panel?
  3. jeeptj99

    New Years Roll 2021 Rock Bouncer Race

    Race is on Saturday. Come hang out and ride. Copied from FB page. New Years Roll 2021 Rock Bouncer Race Off Road Racing, Trail Riding, Camping, Food Trucks and Live Music. $30 per person Saturday Only. $50 per person Weekend Pass. Rock Bouncer Drivers must register online on the Adventure Off...
  4. jeeptj99

    AOP Toy Run - 12/12/2020

    Copied from FB event. Come help kids in the area and enjoy some riding. This is the AOP Annual Toy Run Charity Event. Donate a toy, ride for free! All toys collected are donated to the Marion County Sheriff Toy Run and distributed locally to children in need. Come enjoy the AOP and make a...
  5. jeeptj99

    17" Procomp Vapor Pro 2 beadlocks 8x6.5 $1100

    Got 5 of these. 1 doesn't look like it's been mounted at all. Rings could be touched up but that's it. Wheel Size: 17x9 Bolt Pattern: 8x6.5 Backspace: 4.75 Offset: -5MM Located in Chattanooga TN, go to AOP a lot and could try to meet within reason. $1100 obo
  6. jeeptj99

    Hale open ride 10/2-10/4

    Anyone going? @Blackbeard can you add to the calendar?
  7. jeeptj99

    Built 94 xj

    Helping a buddy sell his rig. Can send pictures. This thing goes and will take a beating. 9k Chattanooga Mike 42350401nine2
  8. jeeptj99

    4th of July

    Who's going where? I think our group is headed to AOP for the races and some riding.
  9. jeeptj99

    Fastest Car on Netflix

    Season 2 came out, watched a few last night. Freaking kills me how they are calling them "sleeper" cars when they are just drag cars. Also how do you become a ****ing millionaire from youtube? One of the super car guys made millions off youtube blows my mind.
  10. jeeptj99

    Tire balls

    Will this **** really work? Looking for rzr parts for the gf and saw this ad and I can’t tell if he’s for real or not.
  11. jeeptj99

    Electric trucks

    https://www.engadget.com/2019/07/23/electric-ford-f-150-tow-over-a-million-pounds/ Thoughts? Not much info out there. Tesla has been talking big about doing a truck as well and according to this article another company called Rivian. Price will also be interesting.
  12. jeeptj99

    July 4th riding

    Who's going where? What parks will be open?
  13. jeeptj99

    Diesel Power Challenge

    Don’t know how many know him or have been following but Matt Maier (mattman347) or the 7.3 guru, is competing in the Diesel Power Challenge this week. Looks like he had a little bit of a rough run yesterday but seems they got it up and rolling again. Hurts to say but pulling for a Ford to win I...
  14. jeeptj99

    2016 1000 shift issue

    So on my girlfriends 16’ 1000 rzr when you stop and it’s at the slightest bit of incline or even sometimes on flat ground you can’t get the thing out of park. Someone has to get out and rock it while someone tries to shift it. It feels like the trans wont let it shift out. Is there a fix for...
  15. jeeptj99

    offroad expo nashville

    anyone going? Anyone ever been? Is it worth it? Talking to the ol lady about going up Saturday.
  16. jeeptj99

    Dont let your demons win

    Lost a friend yesterday. If you are struggling with demons, please please let someone know. Talk to someone, hell talk to me. I’m guilty of keeping stuff bottled up myself and need to work on it. It’s not unmanly to talk to someone. Don’t let a situation get the best of you, there’s always...
  17. jeeptj99

    Anybody at rbd with a welder

    Anyone have a welder at rbd? Got a couple friends that broke. 423-619-4085 Tyler is his name.
  18. jeeptj99

    Sold/Expired large Big Green Egg and stand (sold)

    Large Big Green Egg brand new in box. Comes with the nest. Lowest i have found them for is $859 + the nest. First $700 takes it. will post pics in a second from tapatalk.
  19. jeeptj99

    Sold/Expired Yj fenders

    $100 Chattanooga area the rust is just surface rust it’s not deep at all. Not sure what to price these at so if it’s high make offer. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. jeeptj99

    UFC 229

    Anyone see that crazy ****? Khabib jumping the fence into the crowd/Mcgregor’s corner insane. Wonder how long he will be suspended.

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