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  1. The Luke

    Woolys 1/9

    Last call. Headed to woolys to Play in the mud and freeze our stones off tomorrow. Anybody want to join?
  2. The Luke

    The cove Jan 9.

    Anybody up for a ride around the cove this coming Saturday? Hopefully somebody that knows where they’re going joins us. Nothing crazy since there will be about a half dozen kids with us.
  3. The Luke

    39.5x13.50r17 iroks

    Are you ready to show up all of your friends? Do you want to go to big tars while on a budget?! Do you and five of your friends all want some good trail spares?! Do you have a tire Grover, some free time and a 12 pack of cold beer? Then have I got a deal for you!!! I’ve got six 39.5x13.50r17...
  4. The Luke

    Interior Panels

    Buddy of mine is getting to the point of knocking out the interior of his buggy. Who are the go-to’s for having interior buggy panels made? Obviously WOD does it, but who else?
  5. The Luke

    4 door jk sunshade

    Anybody need a used 4 door jk sunshade? Measurements are approx 64x46. No rips or anything. I think one of the bungee clip things is broken. But, I just used some of those little bungee/ball things from harbor freight to hold it on. Free plus shipping? Or trade for whatever? I’ll be at aop this...
  6. The Luke

    D60 4.56 and up carrier

    Anybody have a 4.56 and up 35 spl carrier or spool laying around?
  7. The Luke

    Belt maintenance

    The harness thread reminded me. Wasn't there a thread on harness maintenance a while back? Keeping them clean and functioning properly? Mine are starting to get tough to adjust and I'm wondering what tricks ya'll have for keeping them operating correctly.
  8. The Luke

    52” Chevy springs

    Looking for some 52” Chevy leafs. Who’s got some laying around? They’ll be off a k5 or similar year 1/2 ton truck
  9. The Luke

    Woolys and WITC

    Looking at a day trip to one or the other in the next couple weeks. Couple rigs. Tons and 37’s or larger. What trails do we hit? In what order? I know nothing about either place. Educate me. Anybody want to show us around? I know neither park Is very large. I just hate wandering around and...
  10. The Luke

    Aw4 23 spl output shaft

    I need a 23 spl Jeep trans output shaft. Doesn’t have to be an aw4. As long as it fits a 231 and is 23 spl, then I’ll take it. Anybody got one or a old busted trans laying around?
  11. The Luke

    Ford employees?

    Any of y’all work at a ford dealership? I decided to annihilate the mirror on my wife’s explorer tonight. Of course it’s got more bells and whistles than my whole truck does.
  12. The Luke

    99 wrangler

    Buddy of mine is selling his Jeep. It’s a pretty clean, babied “mall crawler”. Found out he’s having a kid and some toys need to go. He built this from stock with his dad and bought it off him a year or so ago. I copied and pasted his ad. Send me a pm and I’ll get you his number if interested...
  13. The Luke

    Who’s cousin is this?

    Saw this rig at Hale last weekend. Holy crap that thing was doing work. It can’t weigh anything. 2k lbs maybe? Looked like Mix matched 31’s. Itty bitty 4cyl. What’s the story on it?
  14. The Luke

    17 8x6.5 wheel

    I need one dirt cheap 17” 8x6.5 for a spare. Surely someone has one laying around they need beer money for. I could go to a junkyard. But why not clean out stuff from under your feet?
  15. The Luke

    Gooseneck/bumper pull

    I'm sure this has been discussed a thousand times over. I've currently got a 16' bumper pull trailer. It's pretty rough cosmetically. It used to be a tilt trailer and has since been welded solid. When I bought it 4 years ago, I stuck brand new axles under it. Lights work. Tires are ok. Pulls...
  16. The Luke

    Rc crawler

    So I had a scx10 rubicon a couple years ago. Sold it off when we were fundraising to adopt our son. So I’ve been out of the Rc world ever since. Fast forward a few years and my wife buys me a redcat Gen7 pro for Christmas yesterday. Open it up and the body is shattered. So, I can swap it out...
  17. The Luke

    TC Racing Menace

    Looks like he's going with a Super Charged, IFS, trailing arm rig(similar to Money Maker). Looks like a bad mama-jama.
  18. The Luke

    Trans fluid on new concrete

    So my father in law bought a 2001 s10 off a friend of his who’s dad recently passed. Snagged it for 1k. Truck is immaculate. 80k miles. A pile of dealer receipts. Been driving it for two months and pulled into his new house the other day to get out and see what looks like a murder scene under...
  19. The Luke

    Pimp juice?

    Maybe this is a thing and I’m just late to the game. But I was bs’ing with Lightbndr about some wore out tires and we got to joking about street outlaws putting pimp juice in their burnouts to make the tire stickier. What’s to stop that from working in the rock crawling world? Besides the lack...
  20. The Luke

    Super Duty Locking hub

    Anybody running an aftermarket set of lockouts on their stock super duty dually? Buddy of mine had a lockout take a dump on his 04 F350 Dually. He emailed warn and they are saying that "No aftermarket lockouts will fit inside the dually adapter". I've done some homework and I've seen where some...