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  1. money_pit_yj

    Rice Trailers

    Anybody have any experience with Rice trailers? I just "bought" one and don't know much about them. It is an 18+2 10K lb car hauler.
  2. money_pit_yj

    3.5 Ecoboost

    My wife is looking at a 2015 Expedition with the 3.5L Ecoboost. I know very little about Fords other than the fact they are significantly more affordable than Tahoes and Yukons. Are there any major defects in the 3.5 Ecoboost or their 6 speed transmission that would keep someone from buying it...
  3. money_pit_yj

    2007 Jayco GreyHawk 31SS

    We are selling our 2008 Jayco Greyhawk 31SS. It is on a 2007 Ford E450 chassis with a v10 and has 31,000 miles (Chassis book says 2007 and Camper book says 2008). We have owned it for a year and have had a blast with it. We have two young boys so we spend very little time inside and need space...
  4. money_pit_yj

    Do you get weird ads?

    Depends :rolf: :dunno:
  5. money_pit_yj

    Toy haulers

    I know it is 2017 and there is the internet but I would rather ask you. Any Toy haulers big enough to haul an RZR XP4? I have a nice class C but for some reason I want to look at toy haulers. I probably won’t do anything, just wondering what others is doing.
  6. money_pit_yj

    Ranger 6x6

    Anybody ever ridden with or wheeled a Polaris Ranger 6x6? I have an opportunity to buy a paw paw special relatively cheap but it is a 6x6. Not sure if the extra axle is a liability in an off road setting or not. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. money_pit_yj

    Finishing up a Rig

    I have been working on my rig for about a while now and am down to the final few details to really finish this thing off. My question is this: What kind of decals do you guys run? I have a "Jeep Wave" tag on the front and a Turquoise and white Chevron pattern tire cover but really want this...
  8. money_pit_yj

    Easter Eggs

    Don’t lose sight about what the next few days are about. Christian or not, it is a historical fact that Jesus was beaten and crucified and that there was an empty tomb. God loves humankind, we were created in His image with the free will to choose to have a relationship with Him. Because He gave...
  9. money_pit_yj

    Flat Tow A Jeep

    Just bought a Motorhome. Going to set the wife’s LJ up to flat tow and was wanting to hear some of y’all’s experiences......with flat towing. I don’t want to know anything about some of your experiences Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. money_pit_yj

    The Open

    I know some may do the Crossfitting, anybody in the open? I am but most of the people below me have missed one or all of the workouts. How are you guys that are doing it stacking up against the rest of the world? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. money_pit_yj

    Sold/Expired 33” Cooper STT Pro on American racing wheels (Reduced)

    I have Lt 33/12.50R 15 Cooper STT Pro tires on 15” American Racing wheels 5x4.5. These are the DOT compound and not Stickies as you can see because they are not 17.5” rims. They have a ton of tread left and ride as good as can be accepted for a mud whimper tire. Just in time for Valentine’s...
  12. money_pit_yj

    Mall Crawler Tech

    I know this is a forum of Hardcore wheelers and fabricators but I thought I would give it a shot before I went to WTO to get their opinion..... Bought my wife an LJ for her semi daily driver. Right now it has Cooper STT pro mud tires and American racing wheels. I am going to sell those and go...
  13. money_pit_yj

    Stupid dog will eat anything

    Anybody else have a dog that will eat anything? So far (this week) my American Bulldog has eaten: A whole tray of chocolate covered Christmas cookies A loaf of bread About 10 napkins A bag of caramel popcorn Other than the cookies all of this stuff was in areas we thought were inaccessible >:(
  14. money_pit_yj


    Any of you guys do CrossFit? I have avoided it because I didn’t like the douchebaggery of some folks I have known that do it. That being said, I finally decided I needed to get back into shape and lifting heavy weights wasn’t going to do it and I ain’t running so I looked into it and found a gym...
  15. money_pit_yj

    Ugly wives

    Someone mentioned “marrying up” in another thread and I started laughing because of this movie. Probably doesn’t warrant its own thread but I didn’t want to further ruin the trail riding pics thread. https://youtu.be/-xPNLNifbZk Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. money_pit_yj

    Weird Kids

    Seems like most kids nowadays sit around and play video games all day. It also seems like, compared to when I was a kid 25 years ago, there are a lot of different sports/activities for kids to do that were once considered weird or just not mainstream. My son plays baseball in the spring and is...
  17. money_pit_yj


    Let’s have a 2018 Fake Internet Friends Superlatives. I’m sure this will turn into a dumpster fire in 9.3 seconds like the “2 word story” thread but we can give it a shot. So name a category and start nominating. Most likely to derail a thread?
  18. money_pit_yj

    I’m sure this has been covered.......

    Debating between a Denali with a 6.2 or a 15 passenger van to tow with. I am getting a company truck and the wife is getting a TJ to commute in so it will be driven on vacations, hauling the rig and camping trips. Trailer and RZR and Jeep bump about 7k lbs. (maybe less) and only get pulled 5-6...
  19. money_pit_yj

    Oil Tests

    When I worked at the Coop we had an oil supplier who was adamant about running oil tests on vehicles in high stress situations. Do any of you run oil tests and do you have any experiences where knowing what the results were saved you money? How often do you run them?
  20. money_pit_yj

    Electric Weed Eaters

    Anybody have one? I have had 2 commercial gas ones break this year and my hippy neighbor rocks out with his silent lightweight battery powered one. Other than Tony Ecofriendly Bolton does anybody use one and what kind?