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  1. J

    Drill bits

    Who makes a good set of drills that wont brake the bank? Will be used in a home garage / shop. Looking for a complete set. Numbers, fractions and letters.
  2. J

    west trip

    We are going to Moab and Sand Hollow in may 2021. What would be the best app for our phones to us on the trails out there? Hopefully one that has the trails marked on it.
  3. J

    Great American Crawl 2021 Schedule

    Been to the bad lands twice. First time with a small group and was not that impressed with it (but we really didn't/don't know the park) and second time was to watch ultra4 race (and of course it rained and turned the camp ground into a swap), Been trying to get down to hawk pride for the last 2...
  4. J

    Great American Crawl 2021 Schedule

    We have been to AOP once and windrock a lot. I want to go back to AOP. We haven't been able to make it to harlan. Something always seem to come up. lol
  5. J

    Great American Crawl 2021 Schedule

    Where do you wheel at?
  6. J

    Great American Crawl 2021 Schedule

    We do go south. But we go there to hang out with friends. And for the wife to get some seat time.
  7. J

    Great American Crawl 2021 Schedule

    Its about 3 to 4 hours for us depending how we drive and if we stop any where along the way. Let us know. We will probably be up there for the weekend with a small group.
  8. J

    Great American Crawl 2021 Schedule

    We go to Rocks and Valles all the time in Michigan. And been to the bad lands accouple of times. But would probably just go to Rocks and Valleys for this.
  9. J

    Great American Crawl 2021 Schedule

    Interesting. They are going to be in a park close to us. We may have to try and join them.
  10. J

    Rice Trailers

    OK what is a rice trailer? One made in china?
  11. J

    New Years Roll 2021 Rock Bouncer Race

    Is this an annual event?
  12. J

    Offroad Odometer

    We use Ulysse speedomrtter.Works great. Lets you know how fast you are going. Lately we have had to take the juggy on surface streets to get to some of the trails. LOL Ulysse Speedometer - Apps on Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.binarytoys.speedometer&hl=en&gl=us...
  13. J

    Suspension seats

    Sorry should have put more detail. Used. It is 500 OBO 2 seats.
  14. J

    Suspension seats

    We have a set of Blue Beard seats. 500 shipped on your dime
  15. J

    Sand Hollow

    Juggy on tons and 42s, jlu rub on 40s, and a buggy being built to be on 40s or 42s.
  16. J

    Sand Hollow

    Maybe we will have to make a stop at Moab.
  17. J

    Sand Hollow

    We have a small group of us heading out to Sand Hollow Utah the beginning of May 2021. We are hopping we don't run into any bad snow crossing the mountains (we are coming from Michigan). We were thinking of taking 3 days to get there. This way we can stop and see some of the sights on the way...
  18. J


    This is what we have been running for a few years. No problems so far. Cleans up with water. We oil it with some OLD KN filter oi; we have. Don't know what we are going to do as far as oil it when we run out. LOL
  19. J

    Labor Day Shenanigans

    WE are planning on coming down to AOP labor day weekend. We were there early this year and loved the place. Looking forward to wheeling there again.
  20. J

    Rock box

    how much does it extend the transfer case?

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