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  1. 98TJ

    Cut Off Wheel Thickness???

    I just bought a new Makita 5" angle grinder and it came with a 5" cut off wheel. It's 5" x .032" x 7/8". Its much thinner than what I have used in the past. I think the ones I have used are at least twice that thick. I'm wondering if the thinner ones might be better? They look pretty...
  2. 98TJ

    Feb Jam 2021 - Sat 6

  3. 98TJ

    San Juan Mtns Sept 2020

    Two videos from our recent trip to the Silverton, Co area.
  4. 98TJ

    Hale Mtn November 14

  5. 98TJ

    Welding Gas Tanks

    I have 2 old small acetylene tanks, size B. They are about knee high. I also have 2 old small oxygen tanks, size R, 20 cubic feet. They are slightly shorter than the acetylene tanks. These are smaller tanks comonly used in the HVAC repair industry. I acquired these tanks about 30 years ago...
  6. 98TJ

    Car Lift - Asymmetric vs Symmetric

    https://www.bendpak.com/car-lifts/two-post-lifts/xpr-10as/ https://www.bendpak.com/car-lifts/two-post-lifts/xpr-10s/ I don't know **** about lifts, but I am in the planning stages of adding a lift to our garage at home. I mainly will be lifting TJ/JK's and average sized passenger cars, like a...
  7. 98TJ

    C10 vs C25 Shielding Gas for MIG

    I'm considering buying a MIG machine (Millermatic 255) that requires C10 shielding gas (10% co2 / 90% argon) when welding in pulse mode. Anyone have any experience with C10 gas? I was mostly wondering about availability and cost vs C25. Thanks for any help.
  8. 98TJ

    2020 Feb Jam at Hale Mtn

  9. 98TJ

    If you don't already have enough to worry about.....

  10. 98TJ

    Walmart Matching Donations for Harvey Relief

  11. 98TJ

    Hale Mtn - Labor Day Weekend Ride 2017

    Hale Mtn Labor Day Weekend Ride 2-4 Sept 2017 http://www.halemountainohvpark.com/
  12. 98TJ

    Windrock GPS Track File Needed

    Anyone have some gps tracks for Windrock? We are headed up there in a couple of weeks and I could sure use some for our trip. Thanks, NIB
  13. 98TJ

    HALE - October Ride - October 1-2, 2016

    http://www.halemountainohvpark.com/index.html Looks like Hale Mtn will only be open one weekend in Oct. I want to get one more ride in there before the cold wet weather starts moving in.
  14. 98TJ


  15. 98TJ

    Land Use

    Fellow OHV enthusiasts. Please pardon the short notice on this urgent request. WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW AND ALL IT TAKES IS ONE CLICK. There is a critical vote in congress TODAY that could significantly IMPROVE access to public land. The bill being considered would require national monument...
  16. 98TJ


  17. 98TJ

    Mod - Please Delete Post

  18. 98TJ

    Battery Lifter / Carrier Tool

    Anyone ever use a battery lifter / carrier? Looks like they make two kinds, one has a strap and goes over the top mount stud terminals and the other kind squeezes the battery from both sides and has a handle on top. Is either kind worth a ****? Thanks for any help.
  19. 98TJ

    Snakes this year?

    I keep hearing that snakes are bad this year. I've seen a few rat snakes but not a single rattler. Are y'all seeing a lot of rattlers this year....more than normal? We have some mtn land near Winchester and I haven't seen a rattler there in 2 or 3 years. My buddy saw one about a mile from...
  20. 98TJ

    CANCELLED/POSTPONED - HALE - Night Ride - 8/22/15

    NOTE: DUE TO SOME LOGGING OPERATIONS AT HALE, THE PARK WILL NOT BE READY IN TIME FOR THIS RIDE. SO THE RIDE HAS BEEN CANCELLED. NIGHT RIDE!!!! HALE MTN OHV PARK!!!! 22 AUGUST 2015!!!! Hale Mtn OHV Park will be opening up for a night ride on Saturday 22 August 2015. All come out and...

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