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  1. J

    Drill bits

    Who makes a good set of drills that wont brake the bank? Will be used in a home garage / shop. Looking for a complete set. Numbers, fractions and letters.
  2. J

    west trip

    We are going to Moab and Sand Hollow in may 2021. What would be the best app for our phones to us on the trails out there? Hopefully one that has the trails marked on it.
  3. J

    Sand Hollow

    We have a small group of us heading out to Sand Hollow Utah the beginning of May 2021. We are hopping we don't run into any bad snow crossing the mountains (we are coming from Michigan). We were thinking of taking 3 days to get there. This way we can stop and see some of the sights on the way...
  4. J

    soft sided cooler

    We are headed south in couple weeks (live in Michigan) to AOP and then Windrock. We would like a soft sided cooler to put in the back of the juggy. Don't want to spend a small fortune on it (we don't have Tony Boltons kind of money). What are you guys running? What do you like about it? What do...
  5. J

    Step drill bits

    Who makes a good step drill bit ? And or step drill bit set?
  6. J

    4.5 Grinders

    I have burned 2 grinders up with in the last year. Not harbor freight. Using then with a cut off wheel. What is everyone else using?
  7. J

    Bucket list ORV parks

    Ok wat is on your bucket list of ORV parks or off road places you want to hit before you take that long dirt nap? Go
  8. J

    Rock Bouncers

    We have never went and seen them. That being said. Where is a good a park to go watch them at? We will be coming down from Michigan. So we would like to get a little wheeling in at what ever park they are at.
  9. J

    Head lights

    For those of you that have a buggy. What are you using for head lights and how do you have them mounted?
  10. J

    Gas can

    When you go to the big parks do you carry a gas can? We have a small tank and the wife doesn't want me to replace it with a larger one because we lose the rear seat. And she wants to be able to take the grand kids for a ride the few times a year they are with us. So we were thinking of carrying...
  11. J

    list of offroad parks

    What happen to the list of offroad parks?
  12. J

    Trail Rated

    We were on our way to UofM to see anther doctor for me when I really looked a new jeep Cherokee. and noticed the it has a trail rated badge. How the hell are these things trail rated? What doing some 2 tracks makes them trail rated?
  13. J

    Eastwood radiators

    https://www.eastwood.com/triflow Has anyone every ran one of these or know someone that has? Looking at getting one. But dont know if it will handling the punishment of wheeling.
  14. J

    Pit Bull Rockers

    Have 2 Pit Bull Rockers for sale. $300 for the pair. They have some rock rash but still have plenty of life left in them. They have a coupe spots where it is worn down to the cords on the side wall. but the hold air I wheeled them with 5 pounds of air no problem. 42x15.0x16.5 We will be down at...
  15. J

    Gas tank volume

    The guy I bought the juggy off said it has a custom 17 gallon tank. It is 10.5" tall by 12" deep on the bottom and 9" deep on the top. And 26.75 " wide. So if I did my math right I only come up with 12.85 gallons. No my math sucks after the 2 brain surgery's. So I am hopping someone on here and...
  16. J

    Electric weedwackers

    We are sick and tired of messing gas string trimmers. Everyone we have had sucks. It will work fine for a maybe a season. then it goes to crap. Hard to start. Doesn't want to stay running. Etc. So looking at elec. But have ne experience with one or know anyone that has one. So Hardline. what...
  17. J

    hydro pump

    Took the juggy out for the first time this year after the winder upgrades. One of the winter upgrades was hydro brakes. Already had full hydro steer with a 3" double ended ram. We have been running it for a few years with just the hydro steer. We are running a Howl pump (dont know the part...
  18. J

    2008 jku bolt pattern

    Trying to find the bolt pattern for 2008 jku. I know it is 5 on 5. But I need temp plate of it. I want to make a axle puller. So I need the bolt pattern on to a flat plate the I can hook my slide hammer to it I have looked on the new for a while and can not come up with anything. One site said...
  19. J

    checking a head for cracks

    Is there some kind of spray that you can use to check a head for cracks at home instead of sending it out?
  20. J

    flexible 14 and 16 gauge wire

    Where have you had good luck getting some wire to re wire you buggy at? Looked around locally and all the wire is cost a lot or is stiff as hell. Looked on line but not sure who to get it from. So where do you guys gets yours from?

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