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  1. SkinnyPedalRacing

    PRP Podium Seats - NIB

    This is what I have in my phone.
  2. SkinnyPedalRacing

    PRP Podium Seats - NIB

    They sold last night within an hour. Previous customer.
  3. SkinnyPedalRacing

    PRP Podium Seats - NIB

    NIB Podium I have had for a while, stored in my heat and ac basement. Never used them. $700 shipped $600 picked up
  4. SkinnyPedalRacing

    switch panel w/ fuses

    These are nice and I have one I plan on using. Need one outside of Black Friday, happy to help. MSR makes a nice led light up relay as well.
  5. SkinnyPedalRacing

    Trail Comms

    In car com's (aka: intercom system): - You can talk to everyone inside of the rig and it's isolated communication, meaning your not transmitting to another rig - Capable for 1,2, 3, or 4 people to listen to each other or talk to each other - Depending on the intercom system, music works by plug...
  6. SkinnyPedalRacing

    Trail Comms

    The group will not hear your conversation until you hit the push to talk (PTT) button, otherwise the conversation stays in the rig. The PTT button transmit to every one within range and on the same channel.
  7. SkinnyPedalRacing

    Trail Comms

    You can use the hand held with in car coms. In car coms allows you to talk to the passenger, listen to music, and talk to another rig with a radio plugged into it. All you would need to do is wear the head sets with the microphone.
  8. SkinnyPedalRacing

    Official Black Friday deals Thread.

    pm sent, thanks
  9. SkinnyPedalRacing

    Official Black Friday deals Thread.

    I'll ship Artec to you for free.
  10. SkinnyPedalRacing

    Black Friday Sale

    I have a sale going on most things. Tires, Wheels, Suspension, Atlas, Lights, RCV, etc Let me know what you are looking for.
  11. SkinnyPedalRacing

    3.5 Ecoboost

    My brother has an F150 Eco without any issues. I think it's a 13' but anyhow, no issues with the motor. He has a transfercase issue which had to be repaired under warranty and was minor, but other than that it has been great.
  12. SkinnyPedalRacing

    Suspension seats

    I have PRP podium that are new and were for a personal build but went with a different seat. Seats are black, carbon fiber, and orange piping. Orange isn't over bearing. I also have a factory dark grey rear seat from my 04 TJ.
  13. SkinnyPedalRacing

    Enclosed trailer/Toy Hauler Conversion

    Efficient use of space. I like it.
  14. SkinnyPedalRacing

    Atlas Sale

    Send me what you are looking for: a complete build or just parts. Happy to Help
  15. SkinnyPedalRacing

    LS Lifters

    I have read where a lot of people change out lifters in an LS to the GM LS7 lifters, but then have read where they can have issue with a higher lift cam; IE: .600 and up. Sometimes they would leak down and noisy. Are lifters with link bars worth the added cost. Morel #5290 or LS7 factory work...
  16. SkinnyPedalRacing

    Official "Post your trail riding pics" Thread

    That's a pretty cool RZR buggy. WOD build it?
  17. SkinnyPedalRacing


  18. SkinnyPedalRacing

    Tire pressure sensor question

    Here is one solution. Z Automotive makes a little thing that plugs into the truck or Jeep that over rides a lot of the electronic things. They make them for the JL that fixes: tire size, tire psi, use lockers in 2wd, 4hi, sway bar disconnect at any time, etc etc. I run one on my JL and it does...
  19. SkinnyPedalRacing


    pm sent, thank you

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