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  1. squeak12

    GM Corporate 14 Bolt Axle

    Axle tubes already cleaned off with the exception of shock mounts. No wheel studs and only 2 bolts holding the differential cover on. I got this axle as-is with a set of axles that I intend to build. Thought I may keep it around for a random project but don't have anything in mind at the...
  2. squeak12

    2012 26' Enclosed Trailer (Aluminum) - $14,000 (Bremen, AL)

    Middlebury built with "Custom Built" title from the last owner 12,000 lb GVWR 235/80R16 14 ply G Rated tires & 16" Raceline wheels Coleman Mach A/C and Heat Pump 3500W Generator with cord and adapters 110V 65A Converter to 12V with (2) 12V batteries 110V outlets inside and out Bulldog electric...
  3. squeak12

    Tow Rig Recommendations

    I'm on the search for a tow rig and would like to hear what you guys think. Currently, I am pushing a 3.4L 4Runner, and while it does it job pulling my RZR to events and races when I'm solo, I need something bigger. I'd say the budget sweet spot would be in the $15k - $20k range. I'll be...
  4. squeak12

    Looking for Indiana Jeep Guys

    Looking for some guys from Indiana that I rode with at Windrock last September. I think they may have rode with a few guys from the board that Saturday. Two jeeps on 43s. Jesse, Rick, and Jeremy if I remember right. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0t-dfVSr-Q
  5. squeak12

    HPO - Looking for Information

    I'm going to Hawk's Pride this weekend for a STR8 UP SXS Series race. Is it worth sticking around to do some trail riding Saturday evening and Sunday? Any good obstacles to make sure I check out if I decide to ride?

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