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  1. Markrobinson

    For Sale 1995 Xtreme pathfinder (again)

    1995 Nissan Pathfinder XE V6 (reman engine with less than 5k miles) 5 speed 3.96:1 Calmini geared transfer case 99-04 Dana 60 front axle (chromos, 35 spline outers, drive flanges, 5.38 gears, welded, ruffstuff cover) 14 bolt rear axle (stock shafts, welded, discs, tmr cover, lightly shaved)...
  2. Markrobinson

    Wishbone 3 link

    Looking for experiences with wishbone upper links. Packaging a traditional 4 link is about impossible with the oil pan, and I am not a huge fan of a typical panhard 3 link, although I can do it. Rig has 40s and while I’d like to think it might bouncerer, it’s more of a leaf looking rig. My...
  3. Markrobinson

    Bump seat

    My wife and I have 3 kids and wheel a Nissan Pathfinder. It’s a little narrower and shorter than a 4Runner. I’m looking at UTV seats. I’m thinking about a rear bench or buckets and bump seat up front. Anybody have experience with these seats? Before the wise cracks start, I had the flow...
  4. Markrobinson

    Xtreme 4x4 pathfinder

    I’ve had this rig for 5 years and in that time I’ve camped out of it once and wheeled it 3 times. It’s time to let someone have it that will use it. When I bought it, it was street legal and I actually drove it regularly. I bought the discount Datsun project later and robbed the 1 tons, full...
  5. Markrobinson

    Sold/Expired SOLD

  6. Markrobinson

    Sold/Expired SOLD - please delete

    I’ve got an M1101 in Murfreesboro, TN for sale.
  7. Markrobinson

    Sold/Expired Roof rack (pending)

    Definitely a long shot, but anyone want a roof rack? It came off the top of the pathfinder built on Xtreme a few years back. It's got 4 IPF lights still attached that work. $100 OBO I have no idea what it's actually worth, just want it out of the way. Located in Murfreesboro, TN
  8. Markrobinson

    Cadillac converters

    I'm wondering what guys with little jap trucks with stock fuel injected motors do about exhaust. I have a 22 year old pathfinder with clogged stock cats and need to redo my exhaust. I'm just wondering if I should bother putting a cheap replacement or high flow catalytic converter on or not. It's...
  9. Markrobinson

    Sold/Expired Wtb: 30 spline Dana 60 hubs

    I have a welded front end and drive flanges so my rig is worthless on road with the flanges in. Before I throw down $150 for some Milemarker hubs from amazon I figured I'd see if anybody had some shelved in their shop. Don't have to be perfect, I'll be throwing the flanges in for wheelin trips...
  10. Markrobinson

    Sold/Expired SOLD! Thanks Hardline!

    I have a set of 1/2 axles I just pulled from my pathfinder. Front: 1995 ram 1500 Dana 44, narrowed 4:88 Yukon gears Eaton E locker 4340 inner and outer shafts (inners are 78-79 ford length I believe) Free spin hub kit Thick diff cover (not sure what brand) Rear: 1995 ram 1500 9.25 rear...
  11. Markrobinson

    Sold/Expired Sold - thanks again hardline!

    I believe this is PSC's old style reservoir. I see their current one sells for $175; I'd like to see $100 OBO on this. I don't know what the hell is fair; make me an offer. 615 987 8152 located in Murfreesboro, TN
  12. Markrobinson

    Sold/Expired Sold - thanks again hardline!

    2 .25 wall 40.5" 2 .25 wall 33.5" 2 .125 wall 35" 1 .125 wall 34.5" 1 .125 wall 33" I'd like to get $50 per link OBO; the joints and links only have one easy ride on them and Barnes charges $30+ per joint set. They're all 1.75" OD. Located in Murfreesboro, Tn. 615 987 8152 Oh, and I know...
  13. Markrobinson

    Sold/Expired Sold - thanks hardline!

    I have a pretty much brand new TG 10k winch with a used 5/16" warn cable. I think it was used once as a suck down winch and once for me to spool it up with new (old) cable. They retail for $419 with new steel cable; I'd like to get $250 OBO. My number is 615 987 8152. Located in Murfreesboro...
  14. Markrobinson

    Sold/Expired Sold - thanks Hardline!

    I have 4 pretty much brand new Fox air shocks. They have less than one day of riding on them. Obviously I need to pull and clean them. I'd like to see $800 for all 4 but will entertain offers; looks like they're $250 each new. My number is 615 987 8152. Located in Murfreesboro, TN
  15. Markrobinson

    Sold/Expired sold, thanks hardline!

    Edited: decided to keep the axles since there wasn't much interest. I still have the rockers and would entertain some offers. $1700 OBO for 4 new tires with one easy ride on them. No cuts I have a pair of freshly built axles for sale. Front is a 99-04 super duty 60, changed to passenger side...
  16. Markrobinson

    Sold/Expired 6.5:1 Sami case <sold pending funds>

    This was part of a rig I just picked up. Not sure when it was assembled or what brand of gear, but it's turns smooth. I drive the rig to the spot I pulled the case and didn't observe any whining. The fill plug location is damaged and it has been leaking. No shifter included. I'd like to get...
  17. Markrobinson

    Sold/Expired Ford 205

    Junkyard fresh 205 in Murfreesboro, TN. $125 OBO 615 603 0six3seven
  18. Markrobinson

    Sold/Expired DC-1 wheels, 17x9, 5 on 5.5

    Set of 5 wheels. They came on a project vehicle I bought that had little ride time so they are prett much new. I'd like to see $325 or partial trade for some 17x8 steel wheels, 5 on 5.5. These need to be on a DD 1/2 ton dodge or ford, not my trail rig - I'll destroy em Call or text 615 603 0637
  19. Markrobinson

    Sold/Expired Spidertrax knuckles, bearings, stubs, drive flanges

    I've got all the outer stuff you need to build a 9", 14 bolt, etc front end. The unit bearings are used super duty ones, bored for 35 spline shafts and redrilled to 8 on 6.5". The stub shafts are 10 factory 35 spline. The drive flanges are rock and roll offroad. I had it set up on a nissan...
  20. Markrobinson

    Gearing idea...thoughts?

    Long story short, I want to build my next rig as a capable street legal trail rig that can take me to work in a pinch or take the family to sonic on a hot July Friday night. It's gonna be an xterra (laugh it up fellas) molaugh I plan on using a stock tcase/np205 doubler, an automatic, and 37s...