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  1. Markrobinson

    For Sale 1995 Xtreme pathfinder (again)

    What do I got to get the payment to for you to drive off in this thang today?
  2. Markrobinson

    For Sale 1995 Xtreme pathfinder (again)

    1995 Nissan Pathfinder XE V6 (reman engine with less than 5k miles) 5 speed 3.96:1 Calmini geared transfer case 99-04 Dana 60 front axle (chromos, 35 spline outers, drive flanges, 5.38 gears, welded, ruffstuff cover) 14 bolt rear axle (stock shafts, welded, discs, tmr cover, lightly shaved)...
  3. Markrobinson

    Custom buggy hauler

    Nice work!
  4. Markrobinson

    Trail safety

    Bumping this back up. I had a helper on a job slice himself pretty good yesterday and I found that my “first aid kit” is just a ****ing red box with Bengay and a lollipop. Didn’t even have regular neosporin. Luckily I had some gauze, stretch wrap and neosporin in the console - but I see where we...
  5. Markrobinson

    Just another XJ

    That dang 1410 flange is so fancy it’s got it’s own rock light! I swear the brightest light on this thing shines right there. I didn’t hang around to see any beat downs, but it sure seemed happier with the low gears.
  6. Markrobinson

    What is the going rate for DOM tubing right now?

    I mean those guys are buying it at KGS too. Maybe the supply really is thin right now
  7. Markrobinson

    What is the going rate for DOM tubing right now?

    There was a metal supermarkets truck there picking up a big load. Their online price is like $13/ft.
  8. Markrobinson

    What is the going rate for DOM tubing right now?

    Figured I’d bump this since materials of all sorts are on the rise (lumber, steel, copper...) KGS in nashville is at $6/ft for 1.75x.120 DOM. I think I paid $4.80 a year ago.
  9. Markrobinson

    (4) 40x13.50x17 Maxxis Trepador Sticky's

    Trade you 4 pit bull rockers and $1000 cash.
  10. Markrobinson

    For Sale Spidertrax Rear Axle (Brand New)

    Do those ends take 99-04 UBs? I know they used to use those before they switched to their own in house built ones
  11. Markrobinson

    Super duty and 14 bolt gears

    Definitely should sell quick since they’re still in the boxes
  12. Markrobinson


    Only jumped into retirement investing last year sadly. We have 3 kids and my wife stays home with them. Two paid off cars, own half of our modest vinyl house (refi’d to a very low rate last year and 15 year note) and manage to save 1/4 of our monthly income. I squeak when I walk but don’t feel...
  13. Markrobinson

    Daystar bumps

    I put in a set of “used acceptable” ones form Amazon. I figure if they suck I can put air bumps in the same cans later. Only been on one ride since install and they aren’t destroyed yet
  14. Markrobinson

    For Sale Roller Chassis For Sale

    I’m not totally trying to be a **** here; I have a friend whose family is growing that would fit this rig well - just don’t know if it’s worth sending his way
  15. Markrobinson

    For Sale Roller Chassis For Sale

  16. Markrobinson

    For Sale Roller Chassis For Sale

    What kind of guessing game trickery is this? OP you’ve got to have a number in mind right?
  17. Markrobinson

    Random Thoughts

    That makes sense. I had a squirrel destroy a set of plug wires on my pathfinder, but didn’t really touch anything else. Must have been those peanut oil flavored ones from rockauto
  18. Markrobinson

    Carb/Propane convertion kit for Gen3 LS/Vortec

    Some assbackward part of me wants this to run a propane 4.8 turbo setup
  19. Markrobinson

    MT Baja Boss X

    I’m also intrigued by this tire and may pick some up when that Biden stimmy money starts flowing. I was tagged in a Facebook review of them where a guy said he loved them, but i don’t remember where and don’t have screen shots. I think this will be the first KOH since they have been out...
  20. Markrobinson

    Shocks & Bumps on Special

    Dave’s is still the place to go to buy some regular priced shocks and coils. I bought some radflos from them last year and would do it again...in spite of having a radflo dealer local to me