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  1. Trailabite

    For Sale 2016 Wide Open buggy SOLD

    Well, that didn't take long!
  2. Trailabite

    Just another XJ

    Looks like a good time was had
  3. Trailabite

    Mighty MO

  4. Trailabite

    Will a Rear Detroit unlock during a Front Dig?

    In my old TJ I had an Atlas and did front digs all the time just because I could lol. In the beginning I had a Detroit in the back and then later I installed a spool. I don't recall there being any difference when moving the front over with either one. *edit* Also, the rear of your truck is...
  5. Trailabite

    1970 Jeep Kaiser J-200 Truck for sale

    Under parts since it's not a complete vehicle. $2500 for the whole project package. Transmission and doubler are worth that alone. No title, bill of sale only. It is/was registered in the state of GA in 2019. Located in Clarksville TN. Will trade for a 16' to 18' trailer. Cab is a little...
  6. Trailabite

    Monster Transmissions

    TH350 from PTC in my old jeep is going on 5 years now with no issues.
  7. Trailabite

    Mighty MO

    They are a dime a dozen for sure.
  8. Trailabite

    Mighty MO

    After a lot of going back and forth I have decided to scrap this project. I have 5 grand kids and a wife that loves to go wheeling so a two seater beater does not fit the bill. I already have a JKU that's a little more user friendly for the family so I think I'm just going to put a few $'s into...
  9. Trailabite

    For Sale Roller Chassis For Sale

    "Make an offer, I know what I have, no low ball offers. Serious inquires only"
  10. Trailabite

    Coalmont TN OHV New Park info

  11. Trailabite

    Found buggy insurance

    Check with AJ Gintoli, I believe he can offer coverage as well.
  12. Trailabite

    Anyone know who built this truck ?

    All the shops seem to be busy and a little slow to respond these days.
  13. Trailabite

    KOH 2021

    I think when the drivers stop to help they get that time back.
  14. Trailabite

    KOH 2021

    ^You need a bigger TV lol
  15. Trailabite

    Mighty MO

    100% trail rig
  16. Trailabite

    Mighty MO

    We have officially relocated to Clarksville. Still getting settled in so not much has happened with the truck. I did reach out and talk with a couple of shops and they are all busy and it would be about a year to get in. A couple of people that I have talked with suggested that I replace the...
  17. Trailabite

    Left over build parts winch,ls harness,ls3 heads,atlas adapter

    Does the wire harness still have the wiring for the transmission?
  18. Trailabite

    3.5 Ecoboost

    We have a 2020 F150 with the 10 speed automatic and it seems to have plenty of power. I will be towing my jeep willy's truck to TN in a few weeks and will see how it tows going up Monteagle or whatever its called. They do have a huge recall due to the rear camera system not working and I am part...