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  1. felipecj

    Need YJ windshield

    I will have one available this Fall. Black 95 YJ. Not sure what your timeframe is, but if you can wait a few months we could work it out.
  2. felipecj

    Wes Kean Go Fund Me Link

    Best update yet!
  3. felipecj

    2004 Yamaha Rhino 660 Long Travel Build

    Appreciate the update man. Maybe I wasn't being that serious about selling Ranger to fund Rhino build, but it's a dang cool Rhino and I've enjoyed keeping up on it.
  4. felipecj

    For Sale 2003 Ford Ranger (Only 53k miles!) SOLD!

    Are you selling this to fund the Rhino Build. Serious question. It was entertaining before!
  5. felipecj

    Low budget YJ build

    You might have just doubled the money you have in this project... ha I like this low budget build. Looking forward to keeping up with this one.
  6. felipecj

    CL of the day

    This may be the best craigslist ad I've seen in a while.
  7. felipecj

    Waterproof Head unit ?

    Creative Audio. I bought one from there earlier this year and was a good enough deal to justify buying one.
  8. felipecj

    New cruiserhead from NC

    Damn nice Toyota. Welcome!
  9. felipecj

    Busted Knuckle vs BleepinJeep Cheap Jeep Build Off

    Both of these Jeeps are impressive and fun to watch.
  10. felipecj

    3.5 Ecoboost

    Great vehicle. We bought a '15 model early this year and sold my wife's '07 Tahoe. The Expedition has a nicer ride, a bit more room and much better feeling torque in my opinion. Yes the Expeditions are $4-5K less overall. I don't think there is anything to worry about on that 3.5 or...
  11. felipecj

    Busted Knuckle vs BleepinJeep Cheap Jeep Build Off

    Looking forward to the video of y'all going head to head. I've heard we don't need to miss this one...
  12. felipecj

    Let's see your tow rig!!!

    Little over a year ago I got a 3.0L Powerstroke and have been really happy with it in my half ton. I came from a 2.7 Ecoboost that did great, but this engine has a lot more torque and is better on MPG. I'm guessing your duramax is good on torque also?
  13. felipecj

    2004 Yamaha Rhino 660 Long Travel Build

    Summer is over. Rhino update?!?
  14. felipecj

    Let's see your tow rig!!!

    That is a very good looking Dodge. The opportunity to buy something back doesn't happen often. My previous Jeep LJ came up for sale 2 months ago and really had me thinking about it. Good for you that it worked out.
  15. felipecj

    2006 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

    Is this still for sale? Since you are not moving as far anymore... This is Philippe btw, I met you Saturday at BKOR working on that Excursion with Matt.
  16. felipecj

    What does HL think regular bed or flat

    Definitely flat bed
  17. felipecj

    Making trip to Moab UT, looking for trail suggestions along the way!

    Wow that looks like a great trip for you and your family!
  18. felipecj

    Fords new 7.3 v8 gas motor

    I agree on a lot of this. Some of the tech is nice and/or helpful. But a lot of it is BS. Back-up trailer support? I'll pass Personally I would rather they invest in reliability over more technology, but I feel like that wouldn't help sales overall. So many people want more flash and gadgets.
  19. felipecj

    WTB: Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited LJ

    LJNation is a good one on Facebook to join.
  20. felipecj

    God I miss this place!!!!

    Tellico and Grey Rock were 2 of my first trips anywhere to see real rock crawling and opened my eyes to what a built rig can do. I remember Matt Myrick calling me asking if I wanted to check out Tellico for a weekend back in 2005 I think in his IFS Tacoma on 35's. Had a great time there. I ate...