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    For Sale 2013 2.5 ford multi fuel engine

    Engine is a msg 425
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    Any interest in a all aluminum ford 2.5 plug and play 2013 model dual over head multi fuel engine
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    For Sale 2013 2.5 ford multi fuel engine

    I have a drive by wire 2.5 ford industrial engine that cam.out of a airplane tugger capable of pulling or pushing 100,000 lbs. Engine is complete all the way to new gas pedal assembly engine is completely wired and plumbed for both gas and propane. Engine is all aluminum dual over head cam and...
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    Looking for 8.8

    Looking for a 8.8 4.10 gears with disc brakes preferably one ready to bolt under a yj thanks my number is 256 460 7899 txt me
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    Jk dana 30 rcv's

    Would these fit a 95 yj with cad delete
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    Np231 transfer case

    Ok awesome thanks man I think he is asleep I couldnt get him to answer the phone. I know he would like to have one by the weekend we are going to HPO. Have a good one talky to you tomorrow
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    Np231 transfer case

    Its actually for my buddy he destroyed his on the powerline, but any ways we are both located in florence al. He sid he is willing to travel if price is right, what are you asking for yours. Also any other wrangler parts
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    Np231 transfer case

    Looking for a np231 that will fit 1993 wrangler 2.5 5 speed
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    Sold/Expired Grand Cherokee- needs work- cheap

    You have a number
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    Sold/Expired 95 Wrangler ....(blown motor)... 2K

    Would you sell wheels and tires I have a set could go back on it
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    Sold/Expired half tons

    Thanks for the help fellas got a deal worked out on some 3/4 tons
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    Sold/Expired half tons

    Russellville al north west al 256 460 0909 is my number call or txt any time
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    Sold/Expired half tons

    Looking to buy 9 inch ford and 44 front full size half tons
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    Sold/Expired 5x4.5 pro comp wheels and tires - BANNED

    Could you send me pics of the tire depth thanks 256 460 0909
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    Scary movie thread

    Their a movie called inside it a European movie if not mistaken but if you like blood and gore I suggest it it a crazy ass movie
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    world series

    What's yall thoughts on the royals and mets
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    I'll give you a tip !!!!!

    I always stick with mr.pink idea on tipping from reservoir dogs
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    Sold/Expired Streetable 1988 Suzuki Samurai with 1.6 ****SOLD****

    Re: 1988 Suzuki Samurai with 1.6 liter 16valve and 3 speed auto I have a 18 ft trailer and interested in your Sammy if you could contact me at 256 460 0909 thanks
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    Sold/Expired **SOLD** 04 rubicon

    Re: 04 rubicon ok cool hey could you pm me your number or post it up like to talk to you on it I work nights so it will be tomorrow before I can thanks
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    Sold/Expired **SOLD** 04 rubicon

    Re: 04 rubicon does it have doors and title