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  1. TMac

    42” Reds VS 43” SX Stickies.

    I currently run 39” reds and drive them at 10psi down to the store or bar and back occasionally. I’ve logged about 200 miles on them and they still measure at 20.5/32 (new is 22/32). They also have a fair amount of trail rides on them but I don’t do a lot of “heating them up”, mainly low speed...
  2. TMac

    LS Experts - P0102 Code

    I’ll report back in case anyone else runs into this. Thank you for the help!
  3. TMac

    LS Experts - P0102 Code

    Yep. I wish he would have asked - he even works in a county that requires emissions. Can you just turn the DTC off in HP Tuners? Will it not show up on the obd2 smog check?
  4. TMac

    LS Experts - P0102 Code

    Should have included - from what I understand, SD will always trigger the P0102 code which will prevent me from passing emissions. I don’t drive one the street a lot, just short errands around the house, but it’s fun to drive. That’s why I need a MAF tune
  5. TMac

    LS Experts - P0102 Code

    Spoke to the tuner and it turns out he changed my tune to use speed density... Anyone know a good tuner within a couple of a hours of Atlanta that tunes using MAF?
  6. TMac

    LS Experts - P0102 Code

    Larry - it was a cut down harness. From my scan tools it looks like the ECM is getting the correct data (for example: IAT is dead on with AAT when I fire it up when cold). Also MAF (g) appear to be in range when I convert to hz @Bebop - agree, but at this point I'm not sure what else it could...
  7. TMac

    LS Experts - P0102 Code

    I've been digging through some threads on the HP Tuners forum and I'm starting to suspect it's related to the tune. I'm wondering if the airflow delta table needs to be adjusted due to the cam or if something else was modified in regards to the MAF setting Its odd that it trips it as soon as I...
  8. TMac

    LS Experts - P0102 Code

    Yes - BTR stage 2 cam
  9. TMac

    LS Experts - P0102 Code

    That was one of the first things I checked. Took it off and made sure all of the connections were tight and there wasn’t a possible leak
  10. TMac

    LS Experts - P0102 Code

    Graphed MAF (grams) and RPM and according to the all data doc seem to be running in parallel. Something I’m missing?
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  12. TMac

    LS Experts - P0102 Code

    Newish. Had the code, changed out the maf and the intake and it was gone for a few weeks, then had it retuned and now it’s back. Don’t know if it could be related to the tune or not cause I’m dumb and didn’t check prior to getting it retuned...
  13. TMac

    LS Experts - P0102 Code

    Here is what I’m showing for MAF. IAT is measuring correctly
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  16. TMac

    LS Experts - P0102 Code

    Hoping someone on here might have some ideas I haven’t checked yet. I keep triggering a P0102 code (MAF) every time I start the engine. Appears to be running fine, maybe a little lean just off the exhaust smell. I clear the code and it immediately comes back when I start it. New MAF sensor, 5v...
  17. TMac

    Throwing in the towel - my MarsFab buggy build

    When I built my cooler mount I also built a Jerry can holder to attach to it. Just a thought in case you like some of the bigger parks like windrock
  18. TMac

    LS guys, help?

    I have a pretty basic amazon scanner and it’s LONGFT1 and LONGFT2 on mine under the data stream menu
  19. TMac

    Ultra4 - Tear Down in Tennessee (AOP, South Pittsburg, TN) East series

    Nice meeting you yesterday @ridered3! Thanks for the help with the map getting the course laid out
  20. TMac

    42 BFG Red Label Krawlers

    Great price. If I didn’t just have to rebuild my motor I’d be all over these