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  1. Toydawg

    For Sale 1985 Toyota XtraCab based buggy

    1985 Toyota XtraCab SR5 based buggy with a GM 4.3 TBI engine with TH350 transmission. It has dual transfer cases with Marlin Crawler doubler, Longfield front axleshafts, 4.88 gears on full Detroit Lockers lockers front & rear, 37" TSL SX II tires, 9K Warn winch with synthetic cable, LED lights...
  2. Toydawg

    Sold/Expired Toyota ifs rear leafs

    I've got a set in north AL.
  3. Toydawg

    Sold/Expired v6 toyota third 8''

    Huntsville, and I want $300 for the third. The gears have not been set up. To Rebel Taco 22, I also have a v6 third but it's just the case, carrier, and ring gear, no pinion gear; found it while cleaning up for an upcoming move. I also have a Spartan lunch box locker for a v6 third.
  4. Toydawg

    Sold/Expired IFS width toyota rear shafts

    I have some in north AL. 256-655-9076
  5. Toydawg

    Random Thoughts

    Re: Re: Random Thoughts. Ready? Send it! I love it when they gobble before daylight. I got hooked at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO in the late 80's. You could hear a lot of birds gobbling, but hearing them and killing them is two different things... It was all woods hunting, there were no fields...
  6. Toydawg

    Random Thoughts

    It's the most fun hunting there is, IF the birds are gobbling. My dad used to say "a fellow could lose a crop turkey hunting". ;D ;D
  7. Toydawg

    Sold/Expired v6 toyota third 8''

    I have a 4 cyl third with new Trail Gear 5.29 gears in north Alabama. 256-655-9076
  8. Toydawg

    Sold/Expired 4 runner, Toyota 2.7 engines, transmissions, tcases, and other stuff.

    Text me at 256-655-9076 and we'll work out a pickup. I'm not so sure the other half of the Cartotracks team will like the strap it on the Saturn idea. I really don't want to come to your place though because I'll find too much stuff I want! :D
  9. Toydawg

    Sold/Expired 4 runner, Toyota 2.7 engines, transmissions, tcases, and other stuff.

    Re: 4 runner, Toyota 2.7 engines, transmissions, tcases, and other stuff. I'm interested in the front axle and front leaf springs. Do you still have a transportation option to Huntsville? ;D
  10. Toydawg

    Sold/Expired Wtb toyota 5 speed trans

    I have one (a W56) in north AL. 256-655-9076
  11. Toydawg

    Sold/Expired 4.88 Yota third

    I have one in north AL. 256-655-9076
  12. Toydawg

    What's the oldest vehicle you have ever driven?

    1963 Mercury Comet S-22. Unfortunately, it had a 170 ci I-6 instead of the 260 ci V-8... :( :'(
  13. Toydawg

    What car did you take your license test with?

    1974 Plymouth Duster with 225 slant six. Wouldn't do 85 mph unless pushed off a cliff.
  14. Toydawg

    Personal equipment at work

    That also looks like a good way to get yourself covered with poison ivy...
  15. Toydawg

    Sold/Expired Got some

    Re: Toyota locking hubs I have some in Madison, AL.
  16. Toydawg

    Sold/Expired V6 4.10 Toyota Third Member

    I have 4 cyl 4.10 in Madison. Also have a V6 4.10 with a True Track, but it has some chipped teeth on the outside of the ring gear.
  17. Toydawg

    Knife Sharpening

    I've had good luck with the Lansky sharpening system with Arkansas stones. The key is to maintain a consistent angle on the blade, and the knife clamp solves that problem. Takes a while the first time you use it to get your blade honed to the right angle, but you can get a very sharp edge...
  18. Toydawg

    Toyota transfer case mounts

    No problem, I do know him and he was competitive with Dave last parts buy I compared; but I haven't bought much TG stuff from either of them recently. Come to think of it, I thought Dave said something about giving up on being a TG distributor after the TG Longfield/RCV warranty thing went...
  19. Toydawg

    Toyota transfer case mounts

    Dave is a good guy, if you're in the Huntsville, AL area, XRR on here is a TG distributor and also a good guy to deal with. thumb.gif