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    14 bolt rear steer

    In the process of building a rear steer 14 bolt. Are guys centring the pinion and running different length inners or offsetting it to run equal length. equal sounds smart for getting shafts made but I worry about u joint clearance being offset. 1410 at the tcase and 1350 at the pinion. I have...
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    Hanging the t case vs. Supporting it

    After breaking my 4th bellhousing it’s time to fix my issue. Setup is a 5.3 sm465, black box, 205 I’ve had leaf spring bushings at the frame for motor, trans and tcase. I think the motors twisting a bit but the trans and case are not budging. So I think I’d like to hang the t case and trans...
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    What would a bouncer do?

    So my rig is around 5200 lbs. 40" treps, 5.3 sm465 and a 205. I just stripped out my front 5.13 r&p. Being a budget minded wheeler I think to my self I should swap to 4.10's that are free and plentiful. Install the nwf black box I have on the shelf and use that for reduction and wheel carefree...
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    Header pics

    Lots of good looking custom headers out there. Let's see some pics of what ya got.
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    Double shear steering

    In the middle of building my full hydro set up and I was planning on making it double shear at the steering arms but my buddies say I'm going overkill.... My setup is a tg double ended ram and nwf full hydro arms on keyed SOLID knuckles. Is double shear worth the work or will the 3/4" bolt be...