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  1. J

    04 Dodge Ram 2500 Cummins

    2004 Dodge Ram 2500 SLT Quad Cab with Cummins Turbo Diesel. Truck has 220000 miles and has been taken care of it’s entire life with me. I am the second owner of this truck and have daily driven it until about a month ago. Very reliable and I have upgraded most everything that tends to trouble...
  2. J

    Conspiracy theories... whatcha got?

    Here’s mine today... https://youtu.be/shb43PzDd8c
  3. J

    Sold/Expired 1998 Grand Cherokee parts vehicle $100 Tuscaloosa, AL

    Up for grabs is a 1998 Grand Cherokee that has been wrecked in the front and the motor, trans and wire harness has been removed. No title no warranty and only one guarantee, I’ll help you load it up! $100 located in Tuscaloosa, AL. I do have the transmission (2wd) that has been rebuilt about a...
  4. J

    Jeep floor board repair near Chattanooga

    If you had no clue how to do body work and didn’t really know any body shops who would you take a early 70’s cj5 to, to have the floors repaired? Friend in Chattanooga needs some guidance. Thanks!
  5. J


    Just curious if anyone here has ever bought anything from a telemarketer? How relevant are they today in all honesty. I have never given one the time of day because I fell like they’re wasting my time. I don’t call them wanting to sell stuff... what do you guys think? How do they survive these...
  6. J

    Sold/Expired New 03-07 Dodge full size tail gate $25

    Long story short I ended up with two new replacement tailgates for my truck but only need one of course. Has a few dings from shipping and a dent from the inside out where a brace runs across the lower portion of the gate. $25 and I'd rather not ship this. Located in Tuscaloosa, AL.
  7. J

    Sold/Expired Compressors for sale.

    So I bought these compressors from my dads neighbor who works in maintenance at the university of Alabama. Both of these come from there. The greenish-blue one was fully operational when removed, just replaced for a larger unit. The other one was one he got from them when they were cleaning out...
  8. J

    Sold/Expired Convert-a-ball fifth wheel to gooseneck adapter!!!SOLD!!!

    Convert-a-ball fifth wheel to gooseneck adapter for sale. I believe it is the 14" model. Nothing wrong with this at all I just went ahead and dropped to coin on a nice slider hitch for my truck and no longer need it. I'll take $150 for it as they are around $375-$400 brand new.
  9. J

    Anyone do specialty glass work in the southeast?

    I work for a fairly large machine shop and we have a couple of machines that need to have the glass replaced in them. They are safety glass laminated with polycarbonate with a large hole cut in some for a rotoclear port. MFG wants way too much and to be honest I don't want to risk shipping them...
  10. J

    Anyone near Bonifay, Florida?

    So I'm in the process of fixing my truck up instead of spending a ridiculous amount of money to buy a new one and I am in need of a drivers front seat. Found a wrecking yard in Bonifay that has my exact seat and was wondering if someone could vouch for this company and or go take a look at these...
  11. J

    Alabama the beautiful? Please watch and share.

    https://youtu.be/Qbh9QuQ-Na4 Please watch this and share it on whatever social media you are on. I travel all over and it's pretty ridiculous how bad littering is. A guy I work with made this video and it really does speak pretty loudly! Thanks!
  12. J

    Sold/Expired 78-79 Ford Dana 60 caliper brackets

    I need a pair of caliper brackets for a 78-79 ford Dana 60 actually just the part the caliper bolts to. I have everything else.
  13. J

    Any Metallica fans?

    Respect! Not as big of a fan as I used to be but these guys did this song justice! Mike Dawes & Amy Turk - One
  14. J

    Who's done an Alaskan cruise?

    What cruise line? What all did you do (excursions)? How long of a cruise? How well did you like it?Any other input would be nice too! Planning a trip for the summer of 2013 (granted the world doesn't end!). Trying to get my p's and q's in order.
  15. J

    Sold/Expired Radiator and some fans

    Griffin Radiator 27"x19" Fan with custom fan shroud with fan. Ill ship on your dime. $100 Two 16" fans one has curved blades the oher doesn't. They do work I checked them. $20 each. Ship on your dime. If you have any questions as away!!! thumb.gif
  16. J

    Sold/Expired Cleaning out the garage and need some stuff gone!!!!!! Cheap!!!

    Doing a little fall cleaning and ran across this stuff! Figured someone might be able to use it as it is doing me no good. Buyer pays shipping. First up new Limit Straps SOLD! Two 23" and two 18" $20 takes all 4 Next Cutting Brakes SOLD The dual handle cutting brake is new only used for...
  17. J

    Sold/Expired 100 Gallon Steel Transfer tank

    I've had this tank for a couple of years but have only used it once. Bought it from someone that only used it for a month or two. I painted it black and does have some scratches in it, all cosmetic. I did weld a drain fitting in the bottom to use as a gravty feed tank in my truck. $300 firm. As...
  18. J

    Funny website

    www.damnyouautocorrect.com Really funny stuff.
  19. J

    Gas Pipe explosion

    I was going through some old emails and came across these. They are old but cool.
  20. J

    Sold/Expired 18' Better Built Gooseneck

    Posting this for a friend. As title says 18' Better Built Gooseneck. 18' flat with 2' or 3' dove tail. All steel deck. Dove Tail and ramps has been added. New tires summer of 2010 and good spare too. $2800 negotiable. Call 205-361-3333 and speak with John!