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    Proven 39 Reds

    Four 39x13.5x17 BFG red labels, well worn with maybe 10% tread left. Standard red cracking but hold air with no leaks. In dry or semi dry conditions these hook like flypaper. Located in Atlanta area. $400 takes all four. PM or text 404-941-5250
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    Hooker LS Block Hugger Headers

    Pair of Hooker 2312 block hugger headers, used. These retail for about $300 new. Located in Atlanta. $135 shipped.
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    Sold/Expired d60 and 14b axle shafts

    Long side 80s Ford front Dana 60 shaft, 35 spline. This is a non chromoly, stock spicer shaft. Ears have been clearanced for full circle clips on u-joints. Includes one spicer nongreasable joint with caps tacked in. $50 picked up 14b shaft, stock 30 spline in very good condition. Approx...
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    Sold/Expired Radflo 3" air bumps and cans

    Two radflo 3" air bumps and cans with cut mounts to attach to a tube chassis. The bumps are used in good condition with the shafts in excellent condition. The bump pads are worn but could be replaced if you wanted. Bump cans and mounting hardware is all brand new. I'll take $300. Located in...
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    Sold/Expired SOLD 39.5 cut/grooved TSL spare with h1 double beadlock

    39.5 TSL with H1 double beadlock. Tire was mostly bald and cut more tread into it. Makes a good spare. $50. Located in Atlanta, GA. Call or text 4o4-695-246 seven
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    Sold/Expired 16" FOA remote reservoir coilovers

    SOLD 16" FOA remote reservoir coilovers - triple rate kit and two main springs included with Fox slider - 200lb 12" top spring - 275lb 16" lower spring - Compression Valve Med/Firm - Rebound Valve Light/Med - Mount width 1.25" The bad: one leaks...
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    Sold/Expired Griffin Radiator with Taurus Fan

    SOLD Griffin Radiator 27.5 wide x 15.5 tall Shrouded with Taurus fan included 1.5" inlet and 1.75" outlet Dual core with 1" tubes Located in Atlanta, GA area and willing to ship at buyer's cost Price $160 PM or text 4o4-695-2467
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    Sold/Expired SOLD

    4 DIY beadlocks, 17x9, 8 lug with 5" backspacing 3 red label krawlers, still mounted. Two are very worn with some cracking but could work for spares. The other does not hold air. SOLD. Located in Atlanta, GA. 404 695 2467
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    Sold/Expired 42" TSLs

    Looking for a set of four 42" TSLs for a 17" wheel, any tread depth
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    Sold/Expired 16.5" beadlock wheel needed

    I need a 16.5 wheel, any width is OK, backspacing can be anywhere from 3-5" OR a wheel center for a H1 wheel will solve my problem too if anybody has one laying around