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  1. John Galbreath Jr.

    Alabama Ballot

    Got my ballot in the mail. I know many times, these are not posted and sometimes don't even see them till you get to the polls. Think it is the first 4 page ballot I have seen. Sent using left thumb.
  2. John Galbreath Jr.

    What Should Kush Do?

    What say Hardline, I say leave it, I think he is going to beat it out with a carpenters hammer so it looks like ****. :smoke: :rolf:
  3. John Galbreath Jr.

    AOP - Mega Truck Race - September 17, 2016

    From Facebook. Pro UTV Racing goes back to the track in September at Adventure Off-Road Park! Here's a quick look from the race at West Georgia Mud Park. We had Yamaha, Polaris, and Can-Am, 1000s, Turbos, 800s and 900s running. It isn't always about the most power when it comes to track racing...
  4. John Galbreath Jr.

    Purple Jeeps Shows Back Up

    In a store in the Gulf Shores area. Pics from my daughter. Sent using left thumb.
  5. John Galbreath Jr.

    MOVED: Thank you vets! $100 to random vet that posts in this thread

    This topic has been moved to vendors as it is an advertising post. Vendors. http://www.hardlinecrawlers.com/forums/index.php?topic=52355.0
  6. John Galbreath Jr.

    Y'all Hear TC got a Cow.

  7. John Galbreath Jr.

    Sold/Expired MOVED: ULTRA BOUNCER!!!! - Not The For Sale Thread

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  8. John Galbreath Jr.

    Vertical Scope - Pirate4x4 Password Hack

    They say this is the sixth largest password hack of all time. Your email, password, and IP address were taken if you ever signed up. Read more about it here. http://www.pirate4x4.com/forum/general-chit-chat/2339177-change-your-pirate-passwords-vertical-scope-got-hacked.html And reading that...
  9. John Galbreath Jr.

    Well, well, well

    Time to say goodby! Sent using left thumb.
  10. John Galbreath Jr.

    JohnG Health Issues

    While I have not kept this quiet from everybody, I have not gone out and publically announced it. Oddly enough, I am a very private individual. But, there have been some jokes made here over the last few days that to most, make no sense. Most are half assed jokes, me included. In situations...
  11. John Galbreath Jr.

    Absurd Drug Cost

    I have been using Jublia for a few months to get rid of a toe nail fungus. Today, I was on the Blue Cross site and in looking at my prescriptions, I found that Jublia is $1,095.00. Blue Cross is paying $1,035.00 and I pay $60.00. The size is 8ml. According to my math, it would take 473.26 to...
  12. John Galbreath Jr.

    AOP - Light The Night Ride - July 22-23, 2016

    Found on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/events/1635351110119535/ Join the Adventure Off Road Park and Nature Center for Light the Night! Ya'll asked for more night time events, we're going to deliver! Jeeps, trucks and side by sides, we're going to fire up the LEDs and hit the trails with...
  13. John Galbreath Jr.

    Call Out

    This is about one of the most inconsiderate things one can do in a campground. So much worse, IMO, than other littering. I am at Choccolocco Mountain this weekend and cleaned up nails at two campsites, 15 that I normally get and 14 next to it. this pile was within a foot of my RV tires. This is...
  14. John Galbreath Jr.

    CHOC - Fall Crawl - October 7-9, 2016

    https://www.facebook.com/events/443816619143575/ Added to calendar
  15. John Galbreath Jr.

    CHOC - May Day Ride - May 13-15, 2016

    https://www.facebook.com/events/103109840092889/ Added to calendar.
  16. John Galbreath Jr.

    GMP - Hardline Ride - August 19-21, 2016

    Working out the details over the next few weeks. But the date for the next hardline Forum ride is the weekend of August 20th. Getting it done before football season starts.
  17. John Galbreath Jr.

    Sold/Expired 34 Ford - SOLD

    I am selling my 34 Ford fiberglass car. It is located in Irondale, Alabama. Price is $39,750. Sent using left thumb.
  18. John Galbreath Jr.

    Free To Good Home - Tires

    I am swapping tires on the wifes Rubicon. They a set of (5) stock BFG Mud Terrains for 17" wheel. They have about 40k miles on them, but still have some tread and wear pattern pretty fair. If someone here can use them and pick them up in Irondale, I will not have the tire store dispose of...
  19. John Galbreath Jr.


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