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    ARB plumbing

    Anyone using the ARB-2080 toggle switch? I'm wanting to get away from the solenoids and use air switches and probably a jet pack. Also, I'm ditching the plastic line in favor of braided hose and -3 fittings. Does anyone have a cheaper alternative to suggest?
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    Interior sheetmetal tips and tricks

    I'm getting ready to start the firewall and floors of my buggy. I haven't done much sheetmetal work but, I want to do everything I can to make sure it comes out pretty slick. Any help?
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    Brake pad options

    Normal buggy setup D60 front,14 bolt rear early Corvette master with 3/4 ton Chevy calipers front and rear. I'm trying to determine what my options are for brake pads. What determines a good off-road pad? Do the softer compounds work better?
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    Alabama LTCH/CCW

    I live in Indiana and we have a LTCH that allows us to either open or conceal carry pretty much anywhere except .gov bldgs. We have the option to buy a lifetime lisc whitch I have. I might be moving to Alabama in the near future and I was wondering what the gun laws were like down there. I...
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    wilburns offroad park

    I am trying to get some information about a piece of property that used to be Wilburns. A person I know has made an offer on the property and wants to open it back up as an offroad park. I haven't got a chance to drive down and check out the property myself so I was hoping you guys could tell...