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  1. moose99psd

    Mid level yj build

    I've got a set of arms coming made of the same materials sky's uses. Ill machine the knuckles myself hopefully. I'll definitely get rolling on the bj delete though
  2. moose99psd

    Mid level yj build

    I'm worried how low that would put my hydro cylinder? The bj deletes I've seen only offer one half for my axle? But if it's viable and would save me 1700 and all the time to cut and weld knuckles back on I'm totally game. I suppose only doing one side would prevent the knuckle from being able to...
  3. moose99psd

    Mid level yj build

    I'll probably build a redirect for the defrost come fall time. I'm in the PNW so snow wheeling is a big thing. I think most of the summer I'll ditch the windshield but I'll definitely need it for winter. Doubt I'll keep the top but I will the doors and try to come up with some kinda way to...
  4. moose99psd

    Mid level yj build

    lets just hope it all works out. im a bit concerned with the front steering working out with the spring over and highsteer on a balljoint axle, i should have done alot more research but kingpin axles are impossible to find in my area in the PNW i looked for 6 months before i settled on the 93 60...
  5. moose99psd

    Mid level yj build

    jeeps and 89 yj. the ignition system was all ****ed up from the previous owner since this will be a trail rig mostly (will add back what i need to make road legal this winter) i gutting the entire electrical system and built my own. put an hei distributor in the 4.2, had a local shop to me make...
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  9. moose99psd

    Mid level yj build

    been collecting parts for a while now. going to use a psc pump kit to run my hydro with a surplus center ram and ill make hoses, still figuring out which orbital im going to use. picked up a artec mount seeing material prices are through the roof and this saves me also time and it was on sale...
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  16. moose99psd

    Mid level yj build

    rear cut, I kinda figured that this would be enough originally but maybe not now that ive got the rear axle ready to go in. narrower than i was expecting. rear axle is a 10.25, welded carrier, disc brake conversion and 5.38s
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