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    2015 xp 1000 4x4 problem

    If anyone could help me out it would be appreciated I have 2015 xp 1000 rzr 4wd works fine in reverse but front wheels do not pull while locked in 4wd going forward
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    Sold/Expired looking for 4X4 side shift Toyota transmission

    interested in transmission close to middle tn area
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    Sold/Expired TRACKER TRUCK

    Off road truck with Tracker body, skid plate, 4 linked rear, full exo cage, leaf spring front, hydro steering, 2 adjustable bucket seats with 4 point harnesses, Toyota axels welded front and rear, longfields in front with drive flages, 529 gears, 4 speed Toyota trans and t-case, ford 2300 motor...
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    Sold/Expired 45' wedge trailer

    1994 45' wedge trailer 2 9000lb braking axles all tie downs and chains are with it and work clear title in hand comes with a couple spare tires slide out ramps on back I have pulled a few trailers here and there and this truly is the best pulling gooseneck I have ever pulled. I just don't need...

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