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  1. mdo817

    Daves Offroad Supply

    Dave I have my new BFG Reds, thanks for the great service and insuring I got the pricing as advertised prior to the price increase. Mark Owens
  2. mdo817

    Hawk Pride Sept 27th-28th

    I was there. LOL
  3. mdo817

    Hardline Crawlers

    :rolf: :rolf: :rolf: :rolf: :rolf: :rolf: :rolf: :rolf:
  4. mdo817

    Just another LJ Build

    Does this mean you might start wheeling again?? Looks great Larry.
  5. mdo817

    Full hydraulic steering system.

  6. mdo817

    Morris Mountain

    I remember them being up there, we looked a couple of weeks to sign them and could not find any. Yes I take full responsibility for my actions and my wife is aware of the risk also, if I got hurt or killed there would be NO lawsuit, but others... I am not so sure of.
  7. mdo817

    Morris Mountain

    Ya'll may want to get a waiver book like Trey and Natalie have. Just a suggestion.
  8. mdo817

    Mighty MO

    Re: Gladiator Rock Crawler Project Get after it Chuck
  9. mdo817

    Is it worth it , or are forums a dying media ?

    Re: Re: Is it worth it , or are forums a dying media ? ???????????? Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  10. mdo817

    Full size rigs

    You didn't put the new rings on the wheels. :driving: Truck is looking good.
  11. mdo817

    Wheelin 4 Warriors Rock Ride 12 May 24-27

    Thanks for jumping in and helping out Saturday night Ray.
  12. mdo817

    BMW M3 rig motor swap

    Those little engines can make stupid power, I have a guy that works for me that has a M3, he put a super charger kit on it, and a few other mods, with a good tune. He lays down just shy of 500hp. It's a nasty sleeper car.
  13. mdo817

    Memorial Day Riding???

    You are going to miss out on a sweet D30 Dif Cover :flipoff1:
  14. mdo817

    Wheelin 4 Warriors Rock Ride 12 May 24-27

    molaugh molaugh molaugh molaugh
  15. mdo817

    Wheelin 4 Warriors Rock Ride 12 May 24-27

    Of course I will be there, on the gate most of the weekend. My wife and I will be selling BBQ sandwiches and chips on Saturday like we have done for a while now.
  16. mdo817

    Notre Dame Paris

    So sad. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  17. mdo817


    I agree on "it depends what the print is for". I get finger printed every other year for 2 different checks, the local one usually comes back within a week, the one from U.S. Costumes takes 2 - 3 weeks.
  18. mdo817

    Pics of your shops/garages/specs

    Re: Re: Pics of your shops/garages/specs NoviFed is actually more in the country than you are Josh, but yea, contractors generally use the same concrete guys as much as possible pretty much every where.
  19. mdo817

    Dumb engineer!!

    I have welded the original hole up, drilled a new one. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  20. mdo817

    Fire Safety NO EXCUSES (A fire ext quick disconnet Build Thread)

    I run a 5lb in the rear and (2) 2.5lb on my B hoop, 1 behind me and 1 behind the passenger.

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