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    For Sale 1 ton LS 1990 YJ Sahara

    90 YJ Sahara with title Tuned 5.3/SM465/twin stick 205 Front: Chevrolet KP60 Lincoln Locked Truss 35 spline chromoly inners/outers G3 flanges Kustom 4 link 14” Fox 2.0’s Full hydro (DE PSC ram) Rebuilt kingpins 4 rides ago Rear: Ford 60 Locked Anti wrap bar Waggy leaf springs (SOA)...
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    SM465 to NP205 twin sticked adapter and crossmember options

    Went out this weekend and tore up my 465-205 adapter. Looking at changing up the cross member as well while I’m under there replacing the adapter.. Curious what everyone is using for 205 crossmembers? Currently I’m running a beefed up cradle that was garage tabbed by the PO. Sticks down a...
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    LS Swap into my 1991 YJ Computer help?!?!

    I'm sure this has been covered before, but I am currently gathering parts to swap an LS in place of my 350 TBI in my 91 YJ. The LS is out of an 04 suburban which is DBW. My plan is to swap the TB to DBC, I have one guy who tunes/cuts down harnesses saying there's only 2 different computer...
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    Sold/Expired WTB: Waggy 47" leaf springs

    Looking to buy a set of the waggy leaf springs 47" eye to eye along leaf spring call/text if you have any closer to SC the better 803/735/6930 thanks
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    YJ front leaf spring set up??

    Over the weekend I went on my first wheeling trip with my new, to me rig it's a 91 YJ 60s front and rear, 40" treps, 350 tbi motor. One of the obstacles I pulled up on flexed the front out pretty good and the shackle inverted, leaving the leaf spring with 90 degree bends on either end. Curious...
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    Sold/Expired AR-15 and S&W 1911 E Series PRICE DROP AGAIN

    First: I have an AR-15: PSA lower and BCG, FN 14.7" barrell, Daniel Defense 12" Omega quad rail, Streamlight (not sure exactly which model, has a bigger bell on it and pressure pad, or operated off a switch) NEVER BEEN SHOT. Just got this rifle put together and haven't even mounted an optic on...

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