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  1. garmon18

    For Sale SOLD..43 ft dual tandem..SOLD

    All I know is it works then don’t. Maybe the magnets are getting stuck. It’s to much trailer for me an no time or know how. The red cab contraption have know idea. That at the storage lot where trailer is parked. Price is OBO
  2. garmon18

    For Sale SOLD..43 ft dual tandem..SOLD

    Location is canton ga. Make offers.
  3. garmon18

    For Sale SOLD..43 ft dual tandem..SOLD

    Load max dual tandem 16k lb axles made by alcove 43ft deck with 8ft top deck Lights work Brakes don't work Dual 10k lb jacks Jack crank raises and lowers jacks easily 13 strap wenches on passenger side Almost brand new 16ply tires 11k obo Call Matt for any questions @ 678-897-1349
  4. garmon18

    Sold/Expired SOLD..22.5 dully wheels..SOLD

    SOLD!!!!!!! Thanks Hardline.
  5. garmon18

    Sold/Expired SOLD..22.5 dully wheels..SOLD

    22.5 rims with 37” cooper stt pro tires. 50% tread. 8 tires total. 6 are mounted to the rims. 2 are spares. Rims are 10 lug. Also comes with 10 lug to 8 lug adapter. Hub caps an lug nuts are included 8x6.5 will fit dodge 94 to 2018.......$3,500........Contact by phone Matt 678-897-1349 located...
  6. garmon18

    16.5 sticky tires

    Looking for a set of 4 used stickies for 16.5 rim. What’s out there?
  7. garmon18

    For Sale Roller Chassis For Sale

    Any recent pics?
  8. garmon18

    BFG Stickies (RED LABEL)

    Price on 42’s set the web site won’t say price after coupon applied. Thanks.
  9. garmon18


    Price on 42” shipped to 30040
  10. garmon18

    1st gen Toyota truggy 3RZ,auto, 40” treps...

    Wheels and tires?
  11. garmon18

    1ton axles front an rear

    Still interested in a 60 front. Passenger drop.
  12. garmon18

    2.0 radflo air shocks

    If interested use phone number. Can get any info u need. Back in town for now. Thanks
  13. garmon18

    2.0 radflo air shocks

  14. garmon18

    2.0 radflo air shocks

    Got 2 radflo 2.0 air shocks for sale. There 14 in shock they have 3 rides on them. Went to coil over shocks on new build. Don’t need them. Price $500 obo call or text 4047980029. Dexter
  15. garmon18

    moon buggy/single seater chassis

    10-4 a buddy of mine has one I’ll check an may send u pic an price. Idk what he planning on doin with it. Just trying to help.
  16. garmon18

    14 bolt axle parts for sale

    Price for spool and shafts.
  17. garmon18

    moon buggy/single seater chassis

    What’s you $$

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