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  1. Jacobmc

    37in sticky mickey

    anybody running the 37s?..looking at getting some for my toyota and cant find much on this size
  2. Jacobmc

    1995 4runner build(back yard fab)

    This is my 95 4runner that im building..i bought this thing for 300 dollars in january and been slowly working on it since..ive been wanting to have a ride with 4 doors since i have two kids and my wife..i have a toyota f-toy that i been using for the past 3 years and its been fun..It was my...
  3. Jacobmc

    Got propane kit for 4.3 2 tanks 500$

    Impco Got propane kit nothing wrong with it also comes with a 10 gallon steel tank and a 8 gallon aluminum one set of tank brackets.. everything to install on a square bore intake.will take 500 located in wetumpka Alabama Sent from my moto g(6) using Tapatalk
  4. Jacobmc

    38x12.50r16.5 sxs twf beadlocks 6 lug

    Tires have dry rot and alot of chunks missing.these tires r around 10 years old.they hold air fine.12 bolt Hummer wheels have trail worthy Fab centers and pvc inserts.tires r heavy they r 10ply located in wetumpka Alabama will take 1000 for them Sent from my moto g(6) using Tapatalk
  5. Jacobmc

    Sold/Expired Dodge np208 transfer case

    Looking for a good case to replace a broke one in a 84 w150
  6. Jacobmc

    5.3 ls swap check engine light wiring help

    I’m having some issues with my check engine light not working when it should. My light comes on with the key on and goes off when the truck cranks like it should.my problem is when I cut the truck off and turn the key back on the light will not work unless I un hook the battery and hook it back...
  7. Jacobmc

    Sold/Expired Dodge w150 lift springs 4 or 6in

    Looking for front and rear springs for 84 dodge w150..do not want rough crunchys
  8. Jacobmc

    Sold/Expired 35x12.50x15

    Looking for some tires for a project I'm working on .. somewhere in central Alabama will be good
  9. Jacobmc

    Sold/Expired Dodge stepside bed for a late 70s early 80s

    Trying to find a step side bed for a dodge in Alabama
  10. Jacobmc

    Sold/Expired 318 dodge engine

    Looking for a cheap running motor to through in my new project
  11. Jacobmc

    Fitech in tank fuel pump options

    I'm wanting to get the fitech efi 400 for my motor and planned on using the RCI 2161a jeep fuel cell and was wondering what pump I could use for this tank..the guy at fitech said I would need a in tank pump
  12. Jacobmc

    Sold/Expired Dana 44 spindle 79 ford close to Montgomery

    Anybody close to Montgomery have a spindle I could buy for a 79 ford Dana 44..I can order one online but if someone is close it could help
  13. Jacobmc

    Sold/Expired Wtb running 22r and 5 speed

    I have a running 4.3 and th350 wanting to trade for 22r and 5 speed
  14. Jacobmc

    Sold/Expired Suspension seats

    Want to buy two seats and a rear bench
  15. Jacobmc

    Th350 question

    My transmission will not hold 1st gear when I have the shifter in first.it shifts to second when i mash on it .my question is do I need a manual valave body or is something wrong in my transmission.im running a 4.3 and dual Toyota cases
  16. Jacobmc

    Another torque converter question

    I'm getting ready to build a tb350 with a 4.3 amd Toyota dual cases What is a good stall to get..I'm running Toyota axles 4.10s with 38s..I also need a manual valve body if someone could post a link to witch one I need..I've done some research on the stall and I can't seem to find what people...
  17. Jacobmc

    Sold/Expired 24ft pace enclosed trailer

    Selling for my dad is a 1999 pace shadow GT trailer 24ft long 8ft wide with 6ft ceilings.has brand new tires new brakes new bearings and new air conditioner.. Has 3500 lb axles and 30 amp service..asking 6500 obo or trade for a sxs or gas golf cart call 334-399-2681 ask for Mac Sent from my...
  18. Jacobmc

    Square driveshaft question

    Is their a smaller tube size besides 2in receiver tube that people use?. I'm getting tired of this rattling mine makes due to a loose fit..I've seen a few people running a smaller size tube but I can't find any info..its going a Toyota Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  19. Jacobmc

    Sold/Expired 4 37in military mtrs pro comp wheels

    Trying to sale these I just got new tires on my truck..they have some life still in them no plugs or patches..two have about 25 percent and other two have 15 I would guess .. Mounted on 16.5x8 pro comp wheels 5 on 5.5 with 4.5 backspace..would like to get 275 or trade for something also like a...
  20. Jacobmc

    Sold/Expired 1995 mazda b4000 sas 37s

    This is my mazda I'm trying to sell or trade..I'm not hurting to sell I'm just ready for something different..I been driving this truck since 2011 and has been the best truck I have ever owned..the only problems it has is the back window leaks when it rains..the windshield is cracked..and it...

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