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    Sami axles/thirds and t-case

    Looking for samurai axles, just need good thirds mainly, housings would be a plus but not needed, also looking for a T-case to go with them and even a 3 speed auto. already have a good 1.6 16v just trying to piece the rest together for a mini buggy.
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    Breaking bell housings, need help

    Lets see the new mounts! Remember you can use a rear 205 support (like this https://www.tmrcustoms.com/transfer-case-support-kit-np205 ) but it needs to be centered on its cross member as with the trans mount being single poly mounted at the center of its cross member.
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    Official Black Friday deals Thread.

    damn you stan! I really want a hulk.
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    Clayton H. Accident

    eye witness at the race said clayton was coming down hill and caught a large rock sticking up from under ground on the front end. The rig came to an almost instant stop, then as the suspension uncompressed the rig went over said rock and he rolled on the through the finish line off power but...
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    Titling a Rock bouncer for loan purposes?

    Your can always get a collateral loan against something you already own.
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    Can I haz deezul?

    I would never buy a tuned car or truck unless it was done or owned by a reputable shop or person with full records and taken amazing care of. There are too many shitty "tuners" out there that ruin engines and transmissions. If you are going to delete and tune your truck, I urge you to pay...
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    I have raptor liner in my truck bed and after 7 years it looks decent, better than most other bed liners at this age and I haul a lot of junk in my truck from concrete blocks to axles, it did realease from the bed in one small 3x4" corner and I've scrapped it off a few places but honestly the...
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    Zero Turn Mowers

    no kidding on sliding off slopes, just got a Kubota zd221, I knew it was a heavy sob, 30 mins into first mow I slid off in the mud and buried that pig. :****:
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    Beginner welder

    nothing wrong with a hobart 190 any box store or farm/ag store carries parts and consumbles. get it and start learning, you wont regret it!
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    Spinoff-Lets see your dinghy!

    Shot of the inside.
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    Spinoff-Lets see your dinghy!

    I picked up this little beauty over the weekend! 1971 Starcraft sprint, aluminum hull, 16', 50hp evinrude with large gear case and the electric shift console. it's 100% restored, the guy just finished it in March, and did an amazing job. It has a Cmc tilt/trim setup, trim tabs, gps/depth...
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    So I'm thinking about a SxS.....

    That video is 32" roctanes on a 900xp motor and stock trans (no reduction) it was a dog before hand best thing I have ever done to the rig :driving:
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    So I'm thinking about a SxS.....

    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kBDDYkSKZ-0 You can sell your stocker for close to half that on fleabay :****: That's an old video but I ran that same clutch all year and raced the ultra4 hotsprings race. Still running it and never been touched. Headed out to KOH and I'll be doing most of my...
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    So I'm thinking about a SxS.....

    Yes the Duraclutch will actually let you crawl and gives you full engine braking.
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    So I'm thinking about a SxS.....

    Throw a duraclutch, some fwd arms, and 30s on it and it'll be a whole new machine!
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    Show me you notcher... C'mon let's see it.

    I have a versa notcher, it is super fast and accurate to set angle for notches. There is absolutley no guess work and you can notch round or square any size. Up to 2.5" I think. Not to mention it's also fairly light weight to put in and out of the vise.
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    Electric Shop Heater

    i have a 6000 watt electric dr heater it works great on a thermostat keeps my shop nice and warm when needed. doesnt cost much of anything to run.

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