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    Trail Comms?

    I picked up the mobile intercom setup from rugged radio. I abso-freeken-lutly love the intercoms. Once you have them, you'll want to use them in everything - even the jeep. I hook up a baofang radio to it and it works well. I also picked it up when they were having a massive sale. If I were...
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    Enclosed trailer

    As cheap as mini splits are, they are hard to beat. I've put a bunch of the Chinese units in and don't have much trouble from them. You should be able to find a 12kbtu unit with heat pump for around $700. After having one, I'll never go back for the noise alone. They are so much quieter...
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    14 bolt steer axle conversion

    There's a guy on NC4X4 ran a rear hp60 for years in a 22ret buggy on 39" reds. He was NOT very easy on it, and it was built as a typical hp60 would be (chromo shafts, good gears and lockers). It seemed to hold up well.
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    The Gremlin - Toyota beater truggy build

    I have to admit, I have done nothing but park it in the garage. I did get all my parts in to finish it, but life got busy. Same story as most people, summer family vacation, getting kids ready for school, and my work gets stupid busy from now till probably the first of October. I promise I'll...
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    Throwing in the towel - my MarsFab buggy build

    I would love to see some of the Warn Axon winches move over to some of the lightweight buggies.
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    Just another XJ

    I measured a long time ago, but I'm pretty sure with full hydro (steering box gone) you could fit a standard 28" aluminum radiator between the "frame rails". You would have to fab up mounts for it, but nothing too difficult.
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    KOH 2021

    If I'm not mistaken, TC last 2 buggies have been in that neighborhood. I believe they've been there for a while...
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    Custom buggy hauler

    I've always wanted to build a 2 car style bumper pull with this. It conveniently comes in 2ft widths... Still think it would be lighter than the .125 diamond plate and necessary cross members. That stuff is so stout you could spread the cross members out quite a bit.
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    Just another XJ

    Damn that thing looks good on those 43's! Changed the look of the whole jeep!
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    NP231 Transfer case lower gears

    No doubt the eco-i to 205 is the strongest set up out there (even stronger than an atlas). I don't much care for flipping a dana 300 just because its damn near impossible to keep it from leaking. One transfer case I think get overlooked is a bronco dana 20. I think for a 4 cyl rig, they would...
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    Question for anyone with Corbeau XP seats.

    I would like to know how the Mastercraft Nomad seats are. As a rather large man, the low side bolsters look appealing. Not a bad price either.
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    Parking brake

    Mine has the patened @TBItoy parking brake mod.... Lots of vehicles have electric rear calipers now. I would love to make one from a newer f150 work on a full float axle. Brennan Metcaf has a bracket work for early dana 44's...
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    Let's see your tow rig!!!

    No, mine's a v10 truck. I'm slowly putting together parts to do the swap, it's not cheap. Not to mention I'll have to buy a transmission also because you can't get a big enough clutch in a gas bellhousing. I love the truck, just looking for the power and reliability of the 12 valve.
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    Let's see your tow rig!!!

    I've got a 2000 f450 straight drive truck I'd love to swap a 12 valve in. How bad was it?
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    Lightweight building panels

    I was planning on making one with 1x3 14ga tubing. Was going to do like you said and sheet the outside with aluminum, put 3" foam insulation in the walls and use 1/4" wood paneling on the inside. Seemed the cheapest, most efficient way to go. Those preformed panels are bank.....
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    14 K Equipment trailers

    I have a 24' dove tail deckover tag from kaufman and I'm tickled. Probably the best bang for buck out there. It's kinda odd though. On the tag it says its rated at 18k, but it only has 2 7k axles.....
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    Anyone heard of a new 1550 or Rockwell 40 spline axle shaft coming out

    I know these don't help you, but I thought it might contribute to the thread.... https://eastcoastgearsupply.com/i-23993935-05-16-super-duty-ford-dana-60-chromoly-kit.html
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    Toy haulers

    For you guys with enclosed trailer style toyhaulers, would it be detrimental to not have a wall between the living quarters and the garage? I want to make the kids beds fold down from the walls in the rear buy don't want a wall between us and them. Is there an oder or anything unpleasant about...

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