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  1. RustyC

    6.2L L9H engine

    Looking for a GM 6.2L L9H engine. 8th vin digit is "2" . I'm in Alabama willing to travel if the price is right.
  2. RustyC

    Reconditioning shock bodies / rust?

    Planning to rebuild shocks. Seals, shims and bearings are easily sourced. My question is on the shock bodies themselves. The bodies are starting to rust and corrode. I'm looking into options other than new parts. 4 new bodies are over $150. I have 8 coil-overs I would like to do hence my...
  3. RustyC

    Greasable joints?

    Looking for greasable joints suspension joints for a daily driver. Sizes 1 1/4" are easy to find for the lower links. I am not finding many for the upper links in the rear. Ideally I would like to find a 7/8" shank 3/4" bore. That is a common size for a rod end. Barnes4wd has an Enduro joint...
  4. RustyC

    Weight of Dana 60 outers?

    I'm gathering parts for a LJ. Plans include LS swap and a Dana 60 front. Sterling rear. OR Ford 9" front and rear. Building for a 37" tire and do not have faith in a Dana 44. 1480 chromo is strong enough. Trying to keep the weight down on this project. Blah,blah,blah. Not including brakes...
  5. RustyC

    Sold/Expired SOLD 05 Superduty60, 2002 14 bolt, Sterling 10.5

    2005 F250 Dana 60 3.73 complete minus calipers, open carrier. All brackets removed. 2002 GM 14bolt 4.10 open carrier complete with brakes and p-brake cables. All brackets removed. 1999 Sterling 10.5 8-170mm 4.10 open carrier, disc brake, still has perches. Save yourself the struggle of...
  6. RustyC

    Sold/Expired Jeep LJ

    Looking to buy a Jeep LJ. flashemifyougotem Silver, hardtop,full doors. Under $10k Closer to Bham the better.
  7. RustyC

    Elephant spinoff. HP vs Traction vs Weight vs $$

    We all know a 22r deep gears and light weight works. We also know lots of HP and wheelspeed works. Good suspension provides better traction. All that vs $$
  8. RustyC

    $291K grant to Stony Lonesome

    Gov. Ivey awards a $291K grant to Stony Lonesome ORV park to build a new bathhouse. :woot: (http://www.cullmantribune.com/articles/2018/10/18/ivey-awards-291k-grant-cullman-co-stony-lonesome-facility)
  9. RustyC

    Sold/Expired 99-up F250 Sterling 10.5 4.10 ratio axle.

    99-up F250 Sterling 10.5 4.10 ratio axle. Closer to Bham the better. Anyone?
  10. RustyC

    Jeep tub+LS+filter in cowl?

    Has anyone done or seen a Jeep with an LS engine and the intake flipped with the air filter in the cowl area? Brainstorming. The filter being in the cowl allows cooler air, no mud and not as load as in the cab. I'm not sure there is room. Flipped intake would free up room on the front for an...
  11. RustyC

    Tow Rig Gearing 7.3/auto

    Looking for a little input. I am looking into re-gearing my tow rig after installing larger tires. The truck is a 2002 F250 cc, srw 7.3/auto/4x4. The truck originally had 265/75/16 tires. It now has 315/75/16 tires. With the 35" tire and 3.73 gear it needs a little help in the gearing. Truck has...
  12. RustyC

    1480 vs 1550 ujoint strength

    Which would be a stronger ujoint? Ignoring shaft strength and leaving RCV out. Obviously a spicer 1480 would be the lowest, not considering off brand store joints. Internet rating of 2000 lbs-ft max cont. rating. Yield at 3300 lb-ft. That brings up the comparison between a spicer 1550 joint...
  13. RustyC

    Window nets?

    Looking for feedback on ribbon vs mesh window nets. East coast (mud, trees). Does either of the two offer better vision? Will the mesh clog with debris? Give me something. :dunno: Looking to possibly order before 2018.
  14. RustyC

    The Sticky Tire Thread

    Everybody wants them and trends come and go. So what out there on the market today. An ongoing thread. Post up info, opinion of YOUR tires not ones your buddy had or one guy in a buggy had. Lucky for the rest of use we have members that have personally run several set of different comp tires...
  15. RustyC

    Budget shock adjuster?

    I've been reading on Fox's new DSC adjusters. (http://accutuneoffroad.com/articles/how-fox-dsc-dual-speed-compression-adjusters-work/) Great article from Accutune. I am wondering exactly what happens inside the reservoir as oil pressure rises in the shock during compression. My understanding...
  16. RustyC

    Endurance racing in the South?

    What are the options for Dirt Riot, ECORS, endurance style racing in the South. I think Dirt Riot has one race in Kentucky for 2017 that's it. Are there any other options for guys that want to race and get some seat time? Who is out there that would be interested in an endurance style race...
  17. RustyC

    4l60E to Ford NP205

    Looking at the mating a 1996 up 4L60E with the 6 bolt rear case and factory 6 bolt t-case adapter to a Ford NP205. I am currently running a TH350 to Ford NP205 behind an 5.3 LS and looking for lower gearing. I do not want to go lower axles gear because I'm running flipped 9"s / 5.13 in a rear...
  18. RustyC

    Superduty Axle Shaft Length

    Google is not cooperating. I'm looking for the long side inner shaft length for a 99-04 vs 05-up. Plan is question is narrowing a 05 superduty front to to 63" wms to match a 63" 14 bolt. Life would be great if a 99-04 long side inner shaft (shorter?) used in an 05 axle. Would be enough to...
  19. RustyC

    Sold/Expired 99-2005 Chevy/ GMC truck

    99-2005 Chevy / GMC 1500 4x4 extended cab short bed 5.3 - 4l60e truck. Looking for an Alabama truck to make the title process easier. Not interested in gold or green trucks. Closer to Bham the better.
  20. RustyC

    Ford 9" ratio / strength?

    I am needing a 5.6-6.0 ratio for a Ford 9" in Flipped Axles. Running on the coast/weak side. So far I have found the following combinations and looking for the strongest one obviously. I've heard stuff for years about pinion tooth count vs pinion diameter is what matters and the opposite that...