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    TSL/Bogger combo in 42"?

    Looking at picking up a new set of tires to replace my 38.5 SX I have on my F250. I know the tsl/bogger combo is popular in some of the other sizes, cant really find anything on the 42" range. Anyone run the 42.5" boggers with 42" TSLs or 43" SX? I know interco is all over the place with...
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    Sold/Expired Ford 203/205 Triple stick shifters

    Just like the title, picked up a Ford 203/205 setup and I need shifters.
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    Sold/Expired 1350 NP205 yokes or flat flanges

    Just picked up a 203/205 doubler and it doesn't have any yokes. looking for 1350 U bolt yokes for 32 spline outputs or 32 spline flat flanges.
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    Sold/Expired Warn XD9000 - Connecticut

    Warn XD9000 with controller, roller fairlead and steel cable $500
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    Sold/Expired ExtremeAire 12 Volt Compressor SOLD

    ExtremeAire 12 volt compressor, this is not your typical crappy 12 volt air compressor. It is a 100% duty cycle compressor. Perfect for running air lockers, horns, filling tires, filling tanks, running air tools on the trail. There are a bunch of misc fittings, manifold, gauges included with the...
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    Sold/Expired OEM 14 Bolt Disk brake brackets (ebrake)

    I picked up a 14 bolt out of a 02 2500 but it had a toasted spindle so I'm not going to use it. I pulled the brake brackets off. These are the OEM setup that lets you run an ebrake. $150 I ran them through the parts washer to get all the major grease and road grime off them. The stone...
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    Help me fix my H1 wheel screw up

    So I cut out the centers on my 8 bolt h1's and the wife was away so I had the weekend free and got all of my new pressed centers in my wheels. Here lies the issue. I had a brain fart during the middle two when I got into a groove and was just welding away. I forgot to line up the centers with...
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    88 F250 Crawler on a budget

    I recently parted out my buggy I was building and picked up a 1988 F250 7.3L IDI from a guy at work for $1500. It was going to be my winter beater but I decided to make a woods truck out of it instead. Its a Regular Cab Long bed, plans are to leave the wheel base alone and bob the bed. Going...
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    Sold/Expired Ford Kingpin Knuckles and Rydel Fab knuckle gusset kit

    I have a set of Ford Kingpin Knuckles from a 86 D60, they were cleaned and partially sand blasted but have been sitting on my garage floor for a while so they have some surface rust. $180 Rydel Fab knuckle gusset kit, minus the inner C gussets for the axle its self (the 4 at the bottom of...
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    Sold/Expired Rockwell Hubs qty 3

    I have 3 spare rockwell hubs, 1 has studs (not sure RH or LH) $40 each
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    Sold/Expired Looking for a set of 8x6.5 pressed centers for H1s

    Just like the title, look for centers or a set of inner 8 bolt shells with centers already in them.
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    Sold/Expired Rockwell Wheel brake Setup and Pat Parts pinion brake

    I have a set of Wheel brakes for steering 2.5 ton rockwell. Uses wilwood calipers and aluminum spacer for the rotors that is sandwiched between the lug studs and the hub, caliper mount uses the Spindle studs, has to be run hubs out. Comes with rotors, caliper mounts, calipers, longer studs and...
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    Sold/Expired Rockwell stub shaft and U joint, Silicone boots

    I have a single 2.5 ton Stub shaft and U joint (with partial torched shaft attached) $125 4 - Silicone knuckle boots and new boot clamps $120 for the set or $60 per axle Sold
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    Sold/Expired 1.25 Ruffstuff Heims (qty 16), square tube adapters and misalignment spacers

    I have 16 Ruffstuff heims, with 1.5" ID Square tube adapters and 3/4" though bolt misalignment spacers 8 were used for mockup, 8 are brand new in the box still. $1080 from ruffstuff, they are currently having a 22% off sale, so that's $840 from ruffstuff plus $30 shipping. Buy mine for...
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    Sold/Expired Lsx ARP Headstud kit, PN 234-4317, 2004+ LS motors

    Brand new Head stud kit I never used, PN is 234-4317, IIRC it fits 2004+ LSX motors sold
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    Sold/Expired Rebuilt np205 chevy round pattern

    Np205 fully disassembled and cleaned. All new seals. $700 Has jb customs twin stick rails, and adjustable shift detents, billet pto cover, 32 spline outputs and all new grade 8 hardware, painted new holland blue. Hasn't been mounted or filled since it was rebuilt and has been stored inside...
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    Sold/Expired Northern Drivetrain Rockwell Flanges For NP205/Atlas

    I have a set (2) of Rockwell pattern output flanges that I'm not going to use. 32 spline for NP205 or Atlas transfer cases. $80 Shipped each
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    Sold/Expired Set of 47" LTB's 90-95% tread - Connecticut

    Set of 4, 47" LTBs for 16.5" wheels. $1800 Great tread, came off a Mud truck. Im down sizing my build and getting rid of my rockwells so tires are going as well, since I doubt my 1tons will hold up to these under my diesel crawler.
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    Sold/Expired Rockwell Highsteer arms, 4 link brackets and pinion brake

    1 Patsparts (patoyee) Pinion Brake with rotor $60, just need a Toyota caliper 1 set of homemade Highsteer arms 3/4" plate steel, $80 1 Set of Barnes 4wd Lower link brackets with shock mounts and a set of standard link towers $90 for the set 1 set of Ruffstuff specialties Rockwell link mounts...
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    Sold/Expired Bent fabrications Evo 4 chassis aka buggy in a box -Connecticut

    This is a sad day, but it makes financial sense on my side. I'm a about a year away from kids and just don't see having the time or money to complete this thing. I'm putting my Buggy Project up for sale. Buggy is for the most part a pile of parts. Rear suspension is mocked up and tacked...