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  1. skipnrocks

    Dumb bushing tech questions.

    I'm putting a new ls3 in my buggy. I am doing bushing mount instead of hard mount. I had to assemble the bushing mount (roughstuff specialties bushings in 2inch 1/4 Dom style). To check bolt location etc during mock-up and now I can't get the stupid things apart without damaging them. I have...
  2. skipnrocks

    3.0 vs 3.8

    Looking at a new atlas with a new transmission. I going to run a 6l80e which has a 4:1 first gear. I'm just curious to give a balance of crawling vs wheel speed what do you guys like? I'm leaning towards 3.0.
  3. skipnrocks

    Please delete

    This started off life as a 600hp dual carb hot rod build. I purchase it put in an atomic efi kit 2500 bucks. Converted it to a serpentine belt drive 300 bucks. Aluminum heads. Converted it to hydraulic roller with lunati kit and comp cam hardened push rods 1100 bucks. Put a gm performance...
  4. skipnrocks

    Need RZR lower seatbelt

    I purchased a razor that had been converted over to four point harnesses in the back seats. The guy took out the lower buckle but left the upper seatbelt. I just need a pair of the lower buckle if anybody has one they don't need
  5. skipnrocks

    Beadlock ring spacer

    Ordered these for my raceline. Their 1/8 in thick for a set of four tires. I needed two sets just not the third. Asking 30 shipped. Call or text 406-670-5322 Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  6. skipnrocks


    Have a clean low miles mp241. Should fit Jeeps with 23 spline output. Came out of a jk I was told with low miles. Good to upgrade a Jeep tj to fixed yoke or replace a broken one. Asking 500 obo. Call or text. 406-670-5322. Located in Billings mt Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  7. skipnrocks

    Atlas tcase??

    Needing a two speed. Prefer a 3.0 or 3.8 pass drop 32spline input.
  8. skipnrocks

    Atlas tcase??

    I am changing my drivetrain. I have an Atlas 4 speed and changing to a two speed. I have two questions. I am going to an aluminum 6.2 with 6speed trans. It has a 4:1 first gear. I'm thinking of going to a 3.0 atlas. My figuring is I run a 4.3 for crawling now with a 2..7 first in my...
  9. skipnrocks

    Dumb question dumb topic. What you got

    So my kids buggy has one of those dumb lock style lug nuts and therefore we have to carry a specialty socket. typically we have all three buggies to gether and keep on in the tool box but its not always the case which made me think I should mount it to the roll cage somehow. Anyone have any...
  10. skipnrocks

    My head hurts math.

    I'm trying to correct the speedometer readings on my kids transaxle buggy. The problem that I have is if I put in the Total drive gearrange which is 8.24. 538 in the axles and 286 is in the transaxle. Then it messes my stuff up even more. I believe this is because the output speed sensor is on...
  11. skipnrocks

    Dumb engineer!!

    Nothing of real value here just a rant. I bought a steel wheel off summit for my spare. And the stem is an inch from the bead on an angle pointed out. Even a stubby stem comes out to the outer wheel. Why not move it an inch in pointed into the center of the rim or anything better. Not I got...
  12. skipnrocks

    Anyone ever make a zirk guard?

    Both my rigs in prep for Moab required new zirks for the lower kingpin. I thought what a pain. Wonder if it's worth the time to make a small guard to protect the zirk. I was thinking taking some 1/8in played and an old miss alighnment spacer and welding it to the center to protect the zirk...
  13. skipnrocks

    Searched to death, grooving stickies sx

    I dont want anything extreme, I was going to just cut the big center lug in half. But though I would pose it here since I believe this has to have the highest concentration of sx stickies running. Did you groove them? Did it improve them? How did you groove them?(style)
  14. skipnrocks

    Shave your bushing?

    I'm upgraded my king bushing from nylon to brass. Without adjusting down the tensioner at all steering is pretty tight. The manufacturer said to shave it foen a litte. Anyone have to do this ?
  15. skipnrocks

    Buick 3.8 Transaxle shift help!!!

    I built a trans axle buggy with my kids with a gm 3.8 out of a 2001 buick lesabre. I have not driven it much except on and off a trailer, but I am using it for snow removal this winter with a utv plow and noticed it shifts really smooth into second but then doesnt shift up to third or fourth...
  16. skipnrocks

    Any caster experts?

    When I set my buggy up first I had to set my caster at 0 to get the driveline in perfect. So now I have my knuckles apart to gusset them and thought if I wanted to add some caster now would be the best time. So will there be enough advantage to adding a few degrees? I have driven on the...
  17. skipnrocks

    Gusset that knuckle?

    I am prepping for moab and having everything wrapped up weeks before going I am thinking I should gusset my knuckles? Last year I sheared my studs off resulting in a day of wheeling missed and a 300 dollar shop fee watching two guys meander around the shop not sure how to pull a broken stud...
  18. skipnrocks

    Spare tire mounting

    So I carry a spare for my buggy and a spare for my trailer everywhere we go. I usually mount them on the tongue of the trailer but it's hard to get the tires up and down. So curious if anyone has used a better method to mount below the deck or some place else.
  19. skipnrocks

    Da burp cure

    Talking with an old time racer and he swears tires burp because they use lube to mount them and the residue allows them to always have some slickness. He swears if you use spray away glass cleaner to get it slick it will dry away and not leave a residue thus ending the burp. Anyone ever tried...
  20. skipnrocks

    Sx stickies and Moab or whatever.

    I'm just curious. And have nothing better to do since it's 2:30 am in Hawaii and my brain says it's 5:30 and I should be up and doing something. So here is my question. I have heard that those who run big crawlers run higher pressures 10-15 psi. And simular with the maxxis guys. I hear the...