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    Sold/Expired 35" swampers/ toyos/bfgs for 15" wheel

    Looking for a set of of 35x12-14.50x15 tires. Just checking to see whats out there before I order a new set. thanks
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    Fixing aluminum wheels

    I have a set of billet weld wheels that two of which are bent at the hub. Anyone know of anyone around in Al Ms or tn that I could check with about fixing them ? I checked with a couple places in Memphis about it but they really only fixed bent lips and such. You can't see the wheels are bent...
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    Sold/Expired Gm performance parts 6l90e

    Got a 6l90 I got with a engine I purchased I don't need. It's a 2wd tail shaft/housing. It was removed from a running driving vehicle. Miles unknown but engine had 100k on it and trans was recently replaced. Fluid still looks brand new in it. Asking $1700 obo . Located in guntown ms If you...
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    Sold/Expired Xp900 stuff four sail

    Got a couple parts I need outta the garage. Parts were removed for aftermarket. Everything is straight and in good shape just a few scratches from rides to the mail box and back. Trailing arms $200 A arms (new ball joints no bushings) $150 Front bumper wing things $25 Located in...
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    Sold/Expired 5.3 shortblock gen 4

    I have a 5.3 shortblock that was removed from my 09 sierra at 178k miles. Engine was removed due to dod lifter/cam failure bottom end is still solid and cylinder walls in good shape. Would be a good engine to build for a buggy or whatever I just dont need it in my garage. It is a gen 4 so it has...
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    Sold/Expired L92 6.2 ls engine

    Im searching for a l92 6.2 ls engine. Was just going to post up because I know most of the members are within driving distance from me. Looking for a low mile ( 50k or under) to drop in my pickemup truck. Long block with truck intake is exactly what I need. If anyone knows where I might could...
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    Sold/Expired Rzr S front fender flares .. would like to buy

    Im looking for a set of rzr S front fender flares in good shape for a 11- rzr. Let me know what you got Thanks
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    28" roctanes for trade

    Ive got a brand new set of roctanes still got the shipping labels on em. Im wanting to trade for some 30" roctanes or possibly some 30" bighorns. Just throwing it out there I know its a stretch. Im located right outside memphrica will to drive alittle to meet if needed.. I The Thanks
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    04-06 Rhino cage seats and harness

    I'm putting my rhino back stock and would like to get a stock cage seats and seatbelts to put back in it. Cage is .095 dom tig welded and set up for a tall feller (I'm 6'6"). Seats are prp highback suspension seats mounted on steel lowering bases with billet release handles and beard 5point...
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    Skid plates

    Who's got the best deal on some uhmw skids for the xp 900?
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    Pro armor door replacement

    My pass side door got squished it a flop black pro armor with the cutouts... Its a long shot but I was gunna see if anyone had one laying around possibly from a wrecked rzr or something of the sorts.. 13 xp900 Thanks, Garrett
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    Itp beadlocks and 27" tires

    Got some itp beadlocks 12" with some 27" journey tires (bighorn knockoff) that I don't need. Tires are about 1/2 at worst and 3/4 tread at best and worst.. I have the scalloped rings and the regular rings with fresh powder on em .. asking 600 for the set they are rzr bolt pattern Located...
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    ever wanted to have a v12 ls? or maybe a 4cyl?

    http://ls1tech.com/forums/conversions-hybrids/1643786-v12-ls1-build.html a v12 ls bouncer would be flashemifyougotem
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    wildcat x

    seems promising... they just keep getting bigger and badder... now if it holds up is the test http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAi6UIztmLA&feature=player_embedded#!
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    Sold/Expired Few led lights for sale

    1) 6" dual row combo flood/spot 2900lm Cree leds 1SOLD 1) 12" dual row combo flood/spot 5750lm Cree led 150 2) pair 3" cubes 90 degree flood pattern 1280lm 120 a pair All prices are plus shipping or u can pickup located in Oakland TN. Text is easiest 6628911632 Thanks for looking, Garrett...
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    Artic cat wildcatX

    Looks like they have made some improvements and trying to hang with canned ham
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    Sold/Expired Led lights - SOLD

    I have a 12" double row combo light and 2 3" cubes brand new in box. 3"cubes $120pr + shipping if need be 12"dual row $150+shipping I'm located in Oakland TN Thanks for looking, Garrett sent from a payphone
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    People these days make me sick

    http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/12/14/police-respond-to-shooting-at-connecticut-elementary-school/ So sad.. i couldnt imagine being a parent and getting a phone call that i wouldnt be picking up my kid from school. May god help us all
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    Rhino brand axles

    Who all running them? I need some replacements for my gorilla axles in the rear.. they pop out all the time due to weight and i destroyed one so i want to get something that will actually stay in the diff. Anyone have any problems with the rhino brands?
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    ANyone know what this is?

    Saw some pictures a friend posted on the book of faces and was wondering what it is? its got bighorns and looks like a mini jeep