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  1. jccarter1

    YouTube of the day

    That is good ****.... I had a teacher tell me the same when i was in school I saw her a few years ago and I will say it took everything i had not to just make a fool out of her
  2. jccarter1

    Any heavy equipment mechanics on here

    Well I haven't had much time to work on the machine but I have been trying to narrow it down more and more I replaced injectors when all of this started and it didnt really help much I have also put in new fuel filters and air filters also replaced lift pump bc I have heard they are bad about...
  3. jccarter1

    Any heavy equipment mechanics on here

    It used to have a hammer but now has hydraulic thumb and it is working fine I haven't had time to check turbo yet but that was what I was leaning to before I asked just was wondering if these machines had some common issues that it could have been
  4. jccarter1

    Any heavy equipment mechanics on here

    Just kinda wondering if anyone on here is a diesel or heavy equipment tech I have a trackhoe I bought that has been blowing black smoke and I understand that is over fueling and swapped injectors with no change. I dont really know if I need to be looking at turbo or injection pump it is a 2004...
  5. jccarter1

    Belly pan / skid plate

    I use 1/8 ar 500 welded to the bottom bars just a few welds that can easily be cut out if needed you dont have to use thick plate if it is ar500 or ar400 if you have good braces on the chassis it wont bend or distort and slides like glass across rocks bc it is so hard they dont gouge into it...
  6. jccarter1

    Single seat 4 wheel steer transaxle buggy build

    No rockwell's yet only had time to take it riding once since I finished it. Went to hale and had a good run it was different to say the least but it is fun and climbs like a cocaine fueled Billy goat. I want to try some different tire combos just to see the difference but it is definitely cool...
  7. jccarter1

    Hydraulic steering just quit

    Yes power steering can be 1600 plus depending on bypass spring and yes when you deadhead it to a line like that it should shoot straight to full pressure and then start by passing. If you don't want to use a psc pump get a true AC delco pump not some rebuild junk for parts store. Psc pump is...
  8. jccarter1

    Sold/Expired 16 spline Rockwell shafts

    I have some in north Alabama u-joint and ball and claw
  9. jccarter1

    I think Im living wrong or something.

    Dude I had a run of bad luck like this back in college it was like something straight out of a bad country song. Starts when I was interning which was unpaid for a full semester I knew about it plenty of advance so I saved money to live on that semester bc the internship was a full time job and...
  10. jccarter1

    Da burp cure

    Funny story about duct tape on the inner bead I had a set of wire out iroks that only worked at like 3 psi but would de-bead all the time so got tired of messing with it and did 6 rounds of gorilla tape and had to buff down the edge with a flap wheel to get the bead to get started over the...
  11. jccarter1

    What are the best trails to hit at Hawk Pride

    That is the waterfall it is in between middle access and at the end of lower access it is nasty when wet bc you have to one shot it and can5 crawl it but dry you can crawl it with ease in the right line
  12. jccarter1

    Sold/Expired Buggy for sale

  13. jccarter1

    HALE mountain annual FEB JAM February 1st-3rd 2019

    Yea on my big buggy I have found that with +20 psi it seems to do better and handle alot more predictable also allows me to hit stuff with more momentum and to be honest it has been so long since I have ever aired down I didn't even think about it
  14. jccarter1

    HALE mountain annual FEB JAM February 1st-3rd 2019

    Are you saying groove as in cut the rubber between the tread blocks to make them lighter and deeper treads or are you saying break the tread into two pieces. I think on rock they are perfect but they dont have deep enough tread for mud they just slick over
  15. jccarter1

    HALE mountain annual FEB JAM February 1st-3rd 2019

    Well it was very good experience the buggy is nothing like anything I have ever wheeled it is a straight technical crawler if you and put tires on dry rock or keep from dragging belly it will climb it but the only downside is the smaller tires and low belly clearance that ledge in the picture is...
  16. jccarter1

    HALE mountain annual FEB JAM February 1st-3rd 2019

    Few a buddy snagged of the buggys first trip out Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  17. jccarter1

    What are the best trails to hit at Hawk Pride

    To be honest hawk pride has the most amount of trails that suit those rigs most of the really hard stuff has a bypass or is off by itself and you dont have to hit it to complete the trail pretty much any trail that is linked the the main road coming down big hill will be fun then from there just...
  18. jccarter1

    Sold/Expired 37" tires for 17's FOUND PLEASE DELETE

    Re: 37" tires for 17's I have a set of 5 ktb red labels 37-12.5 17 on race lines I might part with 6 lug wheels located north Alabama
  19. jccarter1

    HALE mountain annual FEB JAM February 1st-3rd 2019

    It was fun that is all that can be said......first rule of feb jam is dont talk about Feb jam
  20. jccarter1

    Truck 5.3 cam

    220/220 110lsa make great power and good low end