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  1. yankster

    Sold Sold Fresh Rockwell 2.5 axle 16 spline chromoly

    One freshly rebuilt Rockwell 2.5 ton U-joint style steer axle. The other axle in the pics is spoken for. Boyce 16 spline 43/40 chromoly axle shafts with new u-joints. New Wilwood rotor, new Toyota caliper and pads. All new seals and boots with new hardware. All factory brackets removed...
  2. yankster

    Sold sold Rockwell 17" bead lock wheels

    $1300 obo 17" bead lock wheels, set of four, freshly built and never installed for Rockwell 2.5 ton. TMR 32 bolt bead lock rings with anti-coning rings built in. Extra thick agricultural wheel shells from red Barn Customs were used (3/16") with 3/8" thick centers, narrowed to 10" wide with 5.5"...
  3. yankster

    37-12.5-/R20 BFG KM2 MT

    Keeping them. 67874448_2460476990642016_7208042994954403840_n by unclejrod74, on Flickr 68482511_2460476973975351_7142579696134258688_n by unclejrod74, on Flickr 68385896_2460476950642020_174452547837231104_n by unclejrod74, on Flickr 67943260_2460476953975353_40463157478555648_n by...
  4. yankster

    F-Super Duty Dana 80 8-lug?

    Doing a powertrain swap on a 1961 Willys and scored a set of axles from a F-450, 60 front and Dana 80, 37 spline rear, 10 lug. Has anyone come up with a 8-lug swap hub for that rear axle or is machining the only option? My Google searching has netted zero except a bunch of folks asking the...
  5. yankster

    Sold/Expired Got sum--WTB Drivers drop tons 4.10 or lower Northeast PA

    Needing a set of, preferably stock/untouched/unwelded spiders, drivers drop ton axles for a daily driver powertrain swap. Disc brakes, 4.10 or lower, and steering in tact if possible. Willing to drive a few hours from Harford, PA for the right set.
  6. yankster

    Sold/Expired Sold 33” TSL SX2

    Four nearly new condition Super Swamper TSL-SXII 33x9.50-R17 with 10 actual miles on them, 10 ply load range E. These were used on a show rig and never offroad. They were pretty tough to get on the wheels and my tire guy couldn’t get them back off so consider the wheels free and separating...
  7. yankster

    Sold/Expired Sold 30” ITP tires on Raceline bead locks

    Off of a RZR 1000: Four (4) ITP Blackwater tires 30x10-R14 on 14x7 Raceline beadlock wheels with 4.25” backspacing. All are in good shape with little wear and no plugs or cuts. A few scratches on the beadlocks. Lug nuts and socket included. Will deliver or meet within 100 miles of Centerville...
  8. yankster

    Stazworks rear steer wiring questions.

    Does anyone have the wiring diagram for the older Stazworks rear steer setup? Bought a kit on here but it doesn’t have the diagram.
  9. yankster

    "Control Freak" rockwell buggy by Tucker's Offroad *pic heavy*

    Finally getting around to doing an official build thread on the new buggy. When it came time to name the project, it came very easy, as “Control Freak” came from an attempted insult that I decided to wear as a badge of honor! I sold my old chassis and planned on building the next one...
  10. yankster

    Sold/Expired RaceQuip 2" five point harness pair $85 RED

    I have a pair of RaceQuip five point harnesses (2") with only two RZR rides on them. Very near new condition, other than a little dust/dirt. The adjuster hits the frame of a 2 seat rzr chassis (see pics), thus loosening them up at the wrong time so I wouldn't run them in a RZR. The crotch strap...
  11. yankster

    Turbo diff upgrade

    Does anyone sell a kit to upgrade a RZR turbo front diff or do I have to by sprague, armature plates, bearings and seals all separate? Ratcheting under power like most eventually do, and I'm not sure what parts to order. I'd like to have all the parts before I tear it apart.
  12. yankster

    Gear mismatch front to rear

    Gear mismatch front to rear, how much is too much for trail rig with no street use? 5.38:1 and 5.43:1 are the gears in question.
  13. yankster

    11-14-15. Where we riding?

    Looking to wheel somewhere this coming weekend. Where's everyone going?
  14. yankster

    Seatbelt Spinoff-- Harnesses for bolt on hooties

    At AOP last weekend a friend's wife flipped her buggy. She was strapped in tight with a helmet on so no issues there. The only thing is that on the landing the harness mashed her breast implant so hard it tore the pocket it resides in and may require surgery to repair. Is there a...
  15. yankster

    FiTech fuel injection

    Anyone ever heard of this? About half the price of the common ones and claiming to be the fastest self-learning system out. http://paceperformance.com/b-94025-fitech-fuel-injection.html
  16. yankster

    Sold/Expired Wanted: Atlas 2 speed, Stak drivers drop 3.0 or lower

    Looking for a transfer case to adapt to a Powerglide. Drivers drop and 3.0:1 or lower preferred. Shipped to 18823. Atlas is 6 weeks out and Stak won't answer the phone. (615) 804-0250
  17. yankster

    JD2 Model 3 bender. What am I doing wrong?

    Don't know why I can't figure this out. JD2 model 3 with copperhead fab air/hydraulic conversion. First time using it. Why is the tubing crammed under the cylinder?
  18. yankster

    Sold/Expired Got one. Thanks

    Looking for a short built Powerglide transmission, preferably with the lower first gear but not mandatory. Not for a high horsepower application so no fancy parts needed. Let me know what you got. Shipped to 18823 [email protected] 615-804-0250
  19. yankster

    Sold/Expired ALL SOLD THANKS Boost, pyro gauges and shifter cables

    All items located in Harford, PA (615) 804-0250 I have a set of gauges I bought about 7 years ago and never installed. These have been in my toolbox since new so there are some very minor signs of being shuffled around (see pics). Both are Autometer. Boost and electric pyro gauge. Autometer...
  20. yankster

    A fellow wheeler needs our help.

    Nate and Heather Tucker (Rockwell607) are great people and a big part of the wheeling community in the Northeast. They got the worst news on the way back from the Put up or Shut up ride at Aetna. A fire devastated their house, personal belongings and Heather's vehicle. A Gofundme account has...