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  1. Gittinit

    Single pass finned PS cooler

    Going to be trying to Finnish up my hydraulic steering system tonight. I be never used this type of cooler before. With a tube type I need to keep the tubes horizontal. With this single pass finned type would it still need to be mounted horizontally...
  2. Gittinit

    Sold/Expired Used 8274 motor wanted

    Warn upright winch motor or whole parts winch with good motor.
  3. Gittinit

    Sold/Expired Sold

    Toyota transfer case has marlin 4.7:1 gearset and bobby long cryo treated output. I will ship on buyers dollar. Will consider partial trades.... : Chevy automatic trans/pass drop t case combo, or will consider other items
  4. Gittinit

    Asking to much...

    When do You draw the line? Last weekend I'm out in the shop, this is my only day off and I'm trying to get stuff done. My (renters if that makes a difference) neighbors come by wanting to borrow an air compressor because they had a low tire. Not getting a good vibe I air up a air tank and send...
  5. Gittinit

    manual tranny bouncer?

    Any bouncer type rigs out there with manual transmission? What options are there for manual transmissions, with synchronized gears, and fast shifting abilities,all while holding up to 700 or more horsepower, in a boncer style buggy? It seems the art of driving with all three feet is dead...
  6. Gittinit

    coilover spring rates?

    After calling WOD this morning and asking what weights they needed to recommend the correct spring rates for my build I started doing a bit of searching. Corner scales are big money and I'm hoping to get a friend to weigh my buggy but I'm curious. How do you all choose your spring rates?
  7. Gittinit

    full hydrolic steering ?

    I'm in process of converting to full hydrolic but I have some concerns. My current setup is toyota axle, surplus center ram (6") and 4.3 stock steering pump. Its sluggish to say the least and recently I exploded my Detroit locker and installed a welded 3rd at least temperaly, and damn, it...
  8. Gittinit

    You can't take it with you

    I have a fried who is fighting cancer he has always been into anything with a motor and is a gm retiree. He has a couple barns filled with trucks and parts and is gonna have an auction next month to sell it all off. I'm gonna go by and see him tomarrow and see if there is anything I can afford...
  9. Gittinit

    manual reverse valve body th400

    I installed a tci fmrvb into my th400 and now have no forward gears. The trans was bought used and was supposed to be a good working unit though it did sit a few years before I got it. Some searching has mostly only got me info on drag racing stuff and I'm looking for real world experience in...