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    Bobby Tanner's new shocks?

    The shocks were built in North Carolina at the digger shop. They are pretty much the same as what Ryan was running on his mud truck. They changed shims a few times on them last week trying to get it right but they didn't really have much time to work on it. Ryan is going to work on them some...
  2. J

    AOP - ACS - Event#3 - June 13-15, 2014

    They come from the digger garage. It's pretty much the same thing Ryan was running on his mud truck. They aren't right yet but I think they'll get them to work.
  3. J


    I didn't mean for that to come across as a smart a comment I just don't like to be called tanner. It's already in the works, I never thought we'd be tryin stuff like this when I got into this sport. Now that we are I agree 100% that things need to change. And anybody that knows me knows my...
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    My name is Jordan not Tanner. You can call me Jordan Tanner or Mr. Tanner but not just Tanner thanks
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    Sold/Expired 320' of DOM .188 and .120

    Re: 320' of dom and a ly6 6.0 Need a number to call you on I'm interested in the motor
  6. J

    xp900 (R) 800s-le

    Ethan and miles climbed flipper yesterday on their 800 S's I just got an 800 s for me and Shawnna and I love it
  7. J


    Ain't another feeling like it especially when your able to win
  8. J


    Give him a lil while they take longer to upload. He has the 1st and 2nd heat from Friday up now though
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    Videos from Southern Rock Racing event Wheeling in the Country

    We've successfully climbed it like that before just didn't work out this time. And I can't say it enough how proud of shelby and lori I am they both done awesome this weekend. All that happened to mine was my front wheels and tires it was about time for some more anyway :dblthumb...
  10. J

    chain saw

    We run them every day and stihl is what we use husky is stout and cut good but they are awkward to run. Our favorite size is the 440 but might be a little big for what your wanting to do
  11. J

    Southern Rock Racing Series event coverage - Photos and article!

    I understand wat your saying but that's just not the way we think. Shoot I don't even have a winch on my buggy
  12. J

    Southern Rock Racing Series event coverage - Photos and article!

    Daddy won the first two races all he had to do was climb the last one and he woulda won. And that hill is far from impossible it'll be climbed before to long
  13. J

    Southern Rock Racing Series event coverage - Photos and article!

    All I know is when I get my motor rite yall better be putin2 winches on your rigs and a 150 shot. But I don't have a problem with the winching I wouldn't do it but to each their own
  14. J

    Turning a junk Detroit into a Spool.

    Both of mine are welded they hold up pretty good. I split the side gear in half once after I welded it up.
  15. J

    Sold/Expired old cars

    I meant gm sedan
  16. J

    Sold/Expired old cars

    Im just gonna put this up and see if anybody has any. Looking for old iron cars to use as derby cars like 68-76 Cadillac 74-78 Chrysler 74-76 tm sedan or station wagon and any 80 or newer crown Vic Lincoln or mercury
  17. J

    SLORV - February 17-19, 2012 - First Annual Gorilla Run

    Everybody say a prayer for me and Ethan we both got a bad stomach virus not lookin real good for us :-\
  18. J

    Lsx 454 1 Atlas 0

    it spun a bearing a couple weeks ago its fixed now though
  19. J

    SLORV - February 17-19, 2012 - First Annual Gorilla Run

    I know it's all in fun :dblthumb: