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    Brake fluid maintanece

    The Toyota dealership keeps telling my wife she needs to have her brake fluid changed in her highlander as preventive maintanece. Wtf? I have never heard of that. Sounds like dealer bs.
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    Mobile mansions

    Son is looking at manufactured housing. Any tips on what to look for or stay away from? How much haggle room on dealer pricing?
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    Stoney lonesome?

    Does anyone know what happened at Stoney lonesome? I have heard a couple of different stories Prayers up for the families involved.
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    Glock 43 for wife?

    Been looking for a pistol for the wife. Have not had a chance to shoot one yet. Wife has shot my 19 but says it is to heavy and does not fit her hand very good. Is the 43 a decent handling gun for the ladies or does it have to much recoil?
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    Ms child support?

    Buddy of mine just got a call from Mississppi DHS. They told him he needed to come in a get set up on child support. He has been paying child support directly to his ex for quite some time now ( has his receipts). DHS said they knew he was current on child support but it needs to come through...
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    Sold/Expired 44' enclosed gooseneck trailer

    44' enclosed gooseneck trailer, 9' high and 102" wide. It was used to haul furniture when we had our furniture plant. 3-6000 lb axles, 18,500 gross weight. In good shape. 9,500 dollars. It belongs to my dad, send pm or comment if interested and I will send you his number. Tupelo ,Ms.
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    Sold/Expired Toyota IFS lockouts

    My son is looking for a pair of ifs lockouts for 88 Toyota truck. Would take complete hub assembly if cheap enough.
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    Air shock charge kit

    Any suggestions on a source to charge air shocks other than the 400.00 kits like poly performance?
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    best price on air shocks?

    who has the best price on air shocks? leaning toward fox 2.0 16"
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    Sold/Expired 17" 6 lug beadlocks

    looking for a set of 17" 6 lug beadlocks with 3.5-4" back spacing. don't want to spend an arm and a leg on them. diy steel beadlocks would be fine. May be interested in some 17" steel rims to put some rings on if cheap and close to me. reply on here or send me a pm.
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    fuel cell

    Looking for a small fuel cell for a toy based buggy. wanting to use the original fuel pump assembly from the old tank if I can. An 8 gallon cell would be plenty for what I need. What have you guys been using?
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    Tire grooving

    I have seen tires grooved in several different patterns. Is it just a try and see or is there a general rule to it. I saw a post where someone cut some irocs and said it helped them a lot. Just curious what is the deciding factor on which lugs to cut?
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    steering cylinder

    I found this steering cylinder on ebay that should work for me, toy axle on a light weight buggy. I am having trouble trying to find mounts and for cylinder and something to connect the cylinder rod end to the heims on my steering arms. Can anyone point me in the right direction or tell me if...
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    4 link critique

    FRONT 4 LINK Vehicle Specifications: Suspension Geometry: Geometry Summary: Wheelbase 108.0in Upper Links x y z Static Anti-Squat 28% Tire Diameter 36.00in Frame End...